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Patton College Leave of Absence Policy

Students enrolled in a degree program who do not expect to make progress toward their degree for a period of time due to personal, medical or professional reasons may request a leave of absence from a degree program. Students on an approved leave of absence may not make significant use of university resources and services or engage in significant consultation with the faculty.

To request a leave of absence, a student shall submit to the departmental graduate chair or CEHS Student Affairs graduate records manager a written stating the reason for the leave and expected duration of the leave. All foreseeable leaves of absence must be requested prior to leaving the campus. Each program or department will establish a process for reviewing and approving leaves of absence requests. Departments should also have in place a plan to address any incompletes at the time leave is undertaken. Approved leaves will be documented for the student in writing, with a copy forwarded to the college office and the Graduate College for recording in the student’s file.

It is the responsibility of the student to resolve all issues pertaining to financial support, federal financial aid, and any outstanding debt to the University prior to a leave of absence. Prior to the completion of the leave of absence, the student must notify the departmental graduate chair or CEHS Student Affairs graduate records manager so that the reentry process can be initiated.

To be eligible for a leave of absence, a graduate student must not have received an extension of the time limit for the degree. A leave of absence will not extend the time limit for completion of a degree (six calendar years for master’s degrees of less than 60 hours; seven calendar years of 60 or more hours and doctoral degrees).

A student who does not return and register in the degree program at the conclusion of an approved leave of absence is considered dropped from the program.

International students in F-1 or J-1 nonimmigrant status must also obtain authorization from International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS) prior to the initiation of a leave of absence and before returning to campus to ensure compliance with current SEVIS regulations and visa restrictions.

Requesting a leave of absence will ensure that your academic department is aware of your plans and will assist in ensuring that loose ends which could pose future problems are taken care of. It also provides confirmation for third parties of your status as a student on an approved leave.

Revised Nov. 2010