Ohio University

Courtney Koestler

Courtney Koestler Profile Picture
Director of the OHIO Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science (OCEMS)
McCracken Hall 321A

Dr. Courtney Koestler holds a B.S. in Elementary Education (Concentration: Mathematics) from Ohio University, an M.A. in New Professional Studies: Teaching from George Mason University, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Area of Study: Mathematics Education) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Koestler teaches courses in mathematics education. Her major research interests center on diversity, equity, social justice, and critical pedagogies in early childhood education, elementary education, teacher education, and mathematics education.

Most Recent Publications:

Felton-Koestler, M. D., & Koestler, C. (2017). Should mathematics teacher education be politically neutral? Mathematics Teacher Educator, 6(1), 67–72.

Koestler, C. (2016) Challenging and disrupting deficit notions in our work with early childhood and elementary teachers. In D. Y. White, S. Crespo, & M. Civil (Eds.) Cases for teacher educators: Facilitating conversations about inequities in mathematics classrooms. Charlotte, NC: Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and Information Age Publishing.

Larnell, G. V., LópezLeiva, C. A., Scroggins, A. D., Amidon, J., Foote, M. Q., Hand, V. M., Herbel-Eisenmann, B., Koestler, C., and Wager, A. A. (2016). Challenging the reframing of equity in mathematical systems: access, agency, and allies. In M. B. Wood, E. E. Turner, M. Civil, & J. A. Eli (Eds.), Proceedings of the 38th annual meeting of the North American Chapter of theInternational Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (p. 1608-1611). Tucson, AZ: The University of Arizona.

Felton, M. D., & Koestler, C. (2015). “Math is all around us and...we can use it to help us”: Teacher agency in mathematics education through critical reflection. The New Educator.

Koestler, C., Felton, M. D., Bieda, K., and Otten, S. (2013). Connecting the NCTM Process Standards and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Practices to improve instruction. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Felton, M. D. and Koestler, C. (2012). “Questions and answers can mean something”: Supporting critical reflection in mathematics education. In Flessner, R., Miller, G., Patrizio, K. and Horwitz, J.’s (Eds.) Agency in Teacher Education.

Koestler, C. (2012). Beyond apples, puppy dogs, and ice cream: Preparing prospective K-8 teachers to teach mathematics for equity and social justice. In A. Wager and D. Stinson, (Eds.) Teaching mathematics for social justice: Conversations with educators. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.