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Transfer Applicants

Ohio University Eastern offers a variety of opportunities for transfer students seeking a high-quality university education. Part of our mission as a regional campus is to make higher education accessible to all students in our local communities.

To apply as a transfer student, applicants must apply online or complete the Ohio University Regional Campus Application and return it to the Admissions Office with a $20 application fee. Transcripts from all colleges previously attended must be sent directly to the Admissions Office address listed below.

You are a transfer applicant if you have completed nine or more semester (12 quarter) hours at another institution after you graduated from high school. If you have completed fewer than nine semester hours, you will apply as a freshman applicant. To apply as a transfer student, applicants are encouraged to complete an online application for enrollment

How will your credits transfer?

Community College General Education Equivalency Guides

  • Check here for information about equivalencies for schools like Belmont College, Eastern Gateway Community College, Washington State Community College, Zane State, and others.

Transfer Credits from a 4-year Institution

  • Transferology is a tool aimed at helping prospective transfer students by showing how their courses will transfer.

In general, college level courses taken at a regionally accredited institution will transfer to Ohio University with grades of "C-" or better. Effective January 2006, as mandated by the Ohio Legislature and directed by the Articulation and Transfer Policy defined by H.B. 95, grades of "D" or better will also transfer from any of the public colleges or universities in Ohio for courses taken beginning fall term 2005.

Typically, students transferring from private Ohio institutions or any institution outside the state of Ohio will not receive credit for "D" grades. However, a course with a "D" grade will transfer if it meets two conditions: (1) The course was a specific prerequisite (as stated in the previous school's catalog) for a later course that you took in the same department; and (2) You earned a grade of "C-" or better in the later course. If you have coursework that meets these conditions, contact Undergraduate Admissions to arrange to receive credit.

The manner in which this credit will apply to graduation requirements is determined by the College in which you major. Remedial courses are not transferable. Credit is only awarded after admission to the University as a degree-seeking student and upon receipt of official transcripts.

Once you are admitted, you will receive a credit transfer report within approximately two weeks after you receive your letter of admission. This report may include some courses that have not been equated to Ohio University courses at the time credit was transferred. The Student Services Office in each college determines how the credit matches Ohio University courses and satisfies specific degree requirements. Questions regarding equivalencies should be directed to your college office on the Athens campus.


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