Ohio University

Great Western Schoolhouse

The Eastern campus of Ohio University is situated on the National Road (US Route 40) and three significant historic buildings are located on the campus: a national road tavern, a covered bridge, and a Great Western Schoolhouse. While the tavern is undergoing restoration, the covered bridge and the schoolhouse are available to visitors of all ages.

In particular, the Great Western Schoolhouse, a one-room facility located west of the Eastern Campus' main driveway, is listed on the National Registry for Historic Places.

Image of a class room and the flag of the US is seen on the wall.

The Great Western Schoolhouse was closed in 1952. In 1976, the empty building was in dire need of repair. The National Trail Chapter of Questers headed a restoration project with permission from Ohio University. At that point, the wooden students' seats were donated by another local school. The flag hanging above the chalkboard was donated back to the schoolhouse in 1976 at the completion of the restoration. It was actually the flag that one of the students kept as memorabilia when the schoolhouse closed in 1952.

Gws teacher desk

Over 300 children visit the 1870 schoolhouse each spring and take part in spelling and arithmetic exercises using old-fashioned slates and slate-writers.

Tours are available by calling Ohio University Eastern at 740.695.1720.