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Austin Furbee Award

Austin Furbee

Austin Furbee played a key role in the formation of Ohio University Eastern Campus. Throughout his life Austin was committed to his community and understood the importance of education. It is fitting that the Ohio University Eastern Campus Alumni Chapter's award to an outstanding individual should be in his memory.

After graduating from St. Clairsville High School, Mr. Furbee worked as a court clerk for Judge J. Nichols, who along with others encouraged Austin to attend law school. Upon graduation from the University of Cincinnati Law School he returned to Belmont County and became a partner in the law firm of Thornburg and Thornburg, later to become the Thornburg-Furbee Law Firm.

Austin was extremely active in community organizations including the First Presbyterian Church of St. Clairsville; he was a founding member of the Saints Club and served as a Belmont County Commissioner. While serving as a commissioner, Austin's commitment to the educational needs of youth residing in the Ohio Valley grew. He was very aware that there were limited opportunities for higher education. Austin was instrumental in the commission's acquisition of the former Belmont County Experiment Station farmland, which was to become Ohio University Eastern Campus. Austin was also active in his support of technical and vocational education.

Mr. Furbee's involvement with Ohio University grew throughout the years. For many years he served as a member of the Ohio University Eastern Campus Regional Coordinating Council. The years he served as chairman of the Coordinating Council included the groundbreaking for the new campus and the dedication ceremony of Shannon Hall, the first new campus building.

As a Regional Coordinating Council leader, Austin Furbee worked tirelessly on behalf of the residents of Belmont, Monroe and Harrison counties to increase access to higher education academic programs.

As a result of Austin Furbee's efforts, the Ohio University Eastern Campus has continued to grow and to serve the needs of the community. The Eastern Campus stands as a tribute to Austin's vision, determination and hard work. Through Ohio University Eastern Campus, Austin has provided and will continue to provide educational and professional opportunities for the youth of the Ohio Valley.

Ohio University Eastern Campus is grateful to Gladys Furbee for establishing an endowed fund in memory of her husband, Austin C. Furbee, which will be used each year to recognize an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication, commitment and service to Ohio University and to the community. This fund will provide for the continuation of Ohio University Eastern Campus' premiere alumni award.

Austin Furbee Award Recipients

  • 1981 Mary J. Poston
  • 1982 Dr. Robert J. Parrish
  • 1983 Carole A. Mitchell
  • 1984 Thomas W. Dunlap
  • 1985 Robert Crum
  • 1986 Roger W. Stewart
  • 1988 James Kacsmar
  • 1989 Charles Wilson
  • 1990 Karen Nichols
  • 1991 Robert W. Ney
  • 1992 Dr. E.R. Bovenizer
  • 1993 Marshall Piccin
  • 1994 William L. Toothman
  • 1995 Elizabeth Sproull
  • 1996 Harry W. White
  • 1997 Michael Jamison
  • 2003 George A. Carroll, Jr.
  • 2004 Dr. James W. Newton, Jr.
  • 2005 Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr.
  • 2006 Michael McTeague
  • 2007 MaryLou Goodman
  • 2008 John Bisbocci
  • 2009 Terry A. Lee
  • 2010 Dama Burkhart
  • 2012 Dennis S. Fox
  • 2013 Dr. David Brooks
  • 2014 Keith Sommer
  • 2015 Dr. Richard Greenlee
  • 2016 Dr. John Mattox
  • 2017 Denise Penz
  • 2018 Rodney D. Hanson and Deborah Hanson Shutler
  • 2019 Dan Milleson
  • 2023 Jason Wilson
  • 2024 Lova Ebbert