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Eastern Safety & Security

Campus Security Policy

The mission of the Eastern Campus is to provide a safe and secure campus in a manner that demonstrates openness, trust, honesty, and integrity, and respects differences in ideas and cultures. The University continually evaluates existing programs and looks for new ways to maintain and improve campus security. The University strives to provide the most secure surroundings possible, and educates all students, employees and visitors about their responsibility for campus safety and security. The Ohio State Highway Patrol responds to all crime-related incidents on campus.

Services provided Include:

  • Building/grounds/parking lot control
  • Event Security
  • Escorts to vehicles, buildings, or classes
  • Lost and Found
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Investigation of emergencies/incidents on campus

Anyone seeking security assistance should call the Dean’s Office at 740-699-2494 during the work day (8 am - 4:30 pm).

All incidents of a criminal nature should be reported to the Ohio Highway Patrol at 9-1-1, or non-emergency incidents at 740-699-2494 (the Dean’s Office). The Ohio State Highway Patrol has the responsibility to investigate all crimes that occur on the campus.


Physical Plant personnel maintain a well-lighted campus. The College's buildings and grounds are regularly inspected and prompt repairs are made which affect safety and security. Report any observed unsafe condition on the campus to the Physical Plant Maintenance Supervisor at 740-699-2484.


All University students and employees have access to academic, recreational, and administrative campus facilities during normal operating hours. Physical Plant personnel locks the exterior doors of all campus buildings after normal operating hours. Fire and exit instruction signs are placed in buildings throughout campus. Employees and students should familiarize themselves with the instructions on those signs.