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School Nurse License Certificate

Ohio University (OHIO) has an approved School Nurse Certificate program for OHIO graduates. The School Nurse certificate requires a minimum of 15 credit hours and is for students interested in obtaining an ODE Pupil Service License to be a School Nurse in the state of Ohio. Required courses include courses through the School of Nursing, as well as a course from psychology or health. The majority of courses are delivered online, although some elective courses could require classroom attendance. NRSE 4740 requires precepted clinical experiences with a school nurse.

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is responsible for the School Nurse Licensure program which falls under Pupil Services Licenses. Nurses seeking a School Nurse position must hold both a professional nursing board license, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (or concurrently enrolled), and a Pupil Service License.  

In order to apply for a Pupil Service License as a School Nurse, you must:  
•    Be a Registered Nurse in the state of Ohio  
•    Hold a baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN)  
•    Complete an approved School Nurse educational program

Certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid.

The School Nurse courses are offered once a year and must be taken in sequence, as shown below. Students who are completing the Ohio University RN to BSN program may take these courses concurrently. Students who hold a nursing baccalaureate degree (BSN) from another institution can also complete the requirements as a non-degree seeking student.

Course Requirements (required credit hours are in parentheses):

  1. Be enrolled in Ohio University’s RN to BSN program OR Hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited university
  2. School Nurse Role Courses (all online) 
    • NRSE 4710 – Introduction to School Nursing (3 cr)   
      Offered Summer Semester 
    • NRSE 4741 – Caring for Children with Special Needs in the School Setting (4 cr)   
      Offered Fall Semester 
    • NRSE 4740 – School Nurse Clinical (requires 120 hours with a School Nurse) (5 cr)   
      Offered Spring Semester 
  3. Elective: Choose one of the following (may or may not be offered online)
    • EDSP 2710 – Introduction to Special Education (3 cr) 
    • PSY 2420 – Educational Psychology (3 cr) 
    • CFS 3601 – Human Sexualities (3 cr) 
    • PSY 2720 – Psychology of Personality (3 cr) 
    • PSY 2710 – Abnormal Psychology (3 cr) 
    • PSY 2410 – Child Psychology (3 cr) 
    • EDEC 1600 – Intro to Child Development (3 cr) 
    • HLTH 2040 - Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (3 cr) 

Steps to enroll in the School Nurse License Certificate:

Note: all forms can be found on the RN to BSN Knowledge Center: 

Students currently enrolled in OHIO’s RN to BSN program: 

  • Submit an Update of Program form for School Nurse Certificate to the School of Nursing

Students who have a conferred BSN from OHIO: 

  • Complete a Re-enrollment form and submit to the Registrar’s Office 
  • Submit an Update of Program form for School Nurse Certificate to the School of Nursing 

Note: Remember to submit an online graduation application at the beginning of the spring semester when taking NRSE 4740. 

Students who have a BSN from another institution: 

  • Apply to Ohio University as a non-degree program student 
  • Submit transcripts from all institutions attended to OHIO Undergraduate Admissions 
  • Once you have been admitted to Ohio University, send an email to to be enrolled in the School Nurse courses

About NRSE 4740: School Nurse Clinical

This course is required for individuals seeking the School Nurse License from the Ohio Department of Education. The NRSE 4740 is the final course of the program and requires:

  1. Placement with a school nurse preceptor who works with children of the relevant age groups. Students will need to complete a total of 120 clinical hours for this course. Forty clinical hours will be required within each school-age group (early childhood, middle childhood, and late childhood).
  2. Students will complete portfolio & relevant assignments that focus on the standards of nursing practice and correlate with each of the school-aged populations. It is possible to achieve the 120 clinical hours while working as a school nurse. Although it requires planning and time management, it can be accomplished. If needed, students can attend school events with their preceptor after school hours. Some students have attended athletic events to assist with first aid, athletic physicals, record reviews, meetings, phone conferencing, etc.


Please contact the School of Nursing by emailing if you have any questions.