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Cheryl Howe

Cheryl Howe
Associate Professor
Grover Center E154


· PhD, Kinesiology (Physical Activity Measurement), University of Massachusetts, 2010

· MS, Kinesiology (Pediatric Exercise Physiology), Ball State University, 1994

· BS, Exercise Science, Lake Superior State University, 1992

Research/Professional Interests

· Development of Accurate Measurement Tools for Children’s Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure

· Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Obesity through the Development of Empirical Physical Activity Interventions

· Global and Cultural Differences in Youth Physical Activity

Teaching Experience

· Associate Professor, Exercise Physiology, Ohio University, 2015-present

· Assistant Professor, Exercise Physiology, Ohio University, 2010-2015

· Adjunct Faculty, Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts, 2006-2010

· Adjunct Faculty, Exercise & Sport Sciences, University of South Carolina, 2005-2006

· Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science, Lake Superior State University, 1995-2000


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· This manuscript was also selected as one of 14 papers for reprint in a special Virtual Issue on “Promising Interventions for Childhood Obesity” in Pediatr Obes, July 2012.

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· Step Calibration Study for Youth ($11,394), ActiGraph, LLC., 2018

· Walk Around Ohio ($5,500), Live Healthy Appalachia, Ohio University, 2011

· Planning for the Diabetes Think Tank ($20,000), Innovation Strategy Program Ohio University, 2016

· Assessment of obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic risk in adolescents from rural versus urban communities in Ecuador ($5,000), Office of Rural and Underserved Programs Research Fund, Ohio University, 2015

· Assessment of obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic risk in adolescents from rural versus urban communities in Ecuador ($10,000), Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Faculty Research Award, Ohio University, 2014

· Teaching HENRY: Health Nutrition and Exercise Recommendations for Youth (10,000), Appalachia Rural Health Institute Scholars Program, Ohio University, 2013

· Predictors of Social Engagement & Physical Activity in Children from Rural Appalachia ($10,000), CHSP Interdisciplinary Research Award, Ohio University, 2013

· PASE: Physical Activity Schoolyard Evaluation Study Pilot Study ($10,000), Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Research Challenge, Ohio University, 2013

· PACE: Program to Aid Career Exploration ($16,647), Ohio University, 2012-present

· Walk Around Ohio ($10,000), CHSP Community Engagement Award, Ohio University, 2013

· Development of an Undergraduate Program in Diabetes ($17,000), 1804 Grant Program, Ohio University, 2011

· Exercise Science/Biomechanics Laboratory Update (11,500), 1804 Grant Program, Ohio University, 2011

· Effects of 100-Kcal Daily Energy Expenditure on Total Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in 3rd Grade Children (82,646), Children’s Hospital Boston, 2008

· Effects of Warm-up Intensity on Anaerobic Performance in Children ($1,705), Indiana Academy of Science + matching funds from Ball State University, 1993

Awards and Honors

· Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, 2016-present

· Appalachia Rural Health Institute Scholar, Ohio University, 2013-14

· General X-Ray Machine Operator, ODH License #8869903, 2013-present

· Research and Creative Activity Awards, Ohio University, 2011 and 2013

· Interdisciplinary Research Award, Ohio University, 2013

· Community Engagement Award, Ohio University, 2013

· Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiology Association, 2010

· Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, American College of Sports Med. (#2866), 1998

· Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Associations, (#989306), 1998 – 2011

University/Professional Service

· Chair, Biomedical Institutional Review Board, 2019 – present

· Board member, Biomedical Institutional Review Board, 2016 – 2019

· Director of Studies, Honors Tutorial College, Ohio University, 2014-present

· Co-Chair, Pediatric Exercise Physiology Special Interest Group, American College of Sports Medicine, 2015-2019

· Co-Director/Director, Academic and Professional Training, Diabetes Institute, Ohio University, 2012-2019

· Board member, North American Society of Pediatric Medicine

· Board member (Newsletter Editor), International Society of the Measurement of Physical Behaviour, 2016-present.

· Manuscript Reviewer, numerous journals in my field, 2006-presen