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Rachel Bican

Rachel Bican, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator of the Pediatric FUNctional Mobility (FUN) Lab
277 W Grover Center

Rachel Bican, PT, DPT, Ph.D., is the Principal Investigator of the Pediatric FUNctional Mobility (FUN) Lab at Ohio University. She completed her DPT and Ph.D. at Ohio State University and was hired as an Assistant Professor at Ohio University in 2021. Her research focuses on improving motor outcomes for children with disabilities and their families. To do this, her work focuses on optimizing current clinical practices and developing novel rehabilitation delivery models to improve access to care for underserved communities.

Publications (selected)

  • Bican R, Noritz G, Heathcock J. Children from rural Appalachia and urban communities are diagnosed with cerebral palsy significantly later than children from suburban communities. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2021;102(10):e18.
  • Tanner K, Bican R, Boster J, et al. Feasibility and acceptability of clinical pediatric telerehabilitation services. Int J Telerehab. 2020;12(2):43-52.
  • Bican R, Christensen C, Fallieras K, et al. Rapid implementation of telerehabilitation for pediatric patients during covid-19. International Journal of Telerehabilitation. 2021:13.