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Plan for all!

The Office for University Accessibility is available to coordinate your request for Sign Language Interpreting. This form may be completed by an individual employee who is requesting interpreting as an accommodation for their employment or by a university employee coordinating accommodations for a program that may be open to the public.

You will be notified by the Office for University Accessibility when an interpreter has been scheduled. In the event we are unable to fill a request we will notify you one business day prior to the date for your event.

Event attendees: If you are a student, employee or visitor requesting an interpreter to attend a public event sponsored by Ohio University, please direct your request to the person/department planning this event. 

Event planners: If you are coordinating a program that may be open to the public, you may always contact the Office for University Accessibility at 740.593.2620 for assistance in creating language for your promotional materials or determining the necessary services to provide access.  

 Complete the form to submit your request.