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Socioeconomic Status Resources in the ADDRESSING Model

University Resources

  • Specifically for First-Generation Students: Ohio University defines first-generation students as those for whom neither parent completed an associate's degree or higher. About 25 percent of OHIO students are first-generation students. First-gen students can become Ohio First Scholars, which allows them access to academic advising, free tutoring, a seminar class, a student mentoring program, and even potential housing in a First Scholars house where the resident director and resident assistant are also first-gen students. For more information. There is also a student organization, We are First, for first-gen students.
  • For nontraditional students needing to commute to main campus, the university offers commuter student services, which offers special advising, free tutoring, and a 24-hour access to a commuter lounge with lockers, fridge, microwave, tables, chairs, TV, computers, and couches.
  • The university also offers several student organizations that either support students from lower SES or Appalachian backgrounds, or that are service organizations providing service to individuals in the local community from low socioeconomic status backgrounds. These include:
  • Community Food Initiative
  • Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development
  • Good Works
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Project Escape
  • Rural Action
  • Southeast Ohio Foodbank and Kitchen
  • Students Working to Improve People?s Empty Stomachs
  • The Period Project
  • Thursday Supper

Wealth & Poverty Theme & Certificate

The university offers a curricular theme in Wealth & Poverty and a Wealth & Poverty Certificate.

Community Resources

Access to food, clothing, other needs in Athens county

Access to medical and dental care

Access to housing assistance

Access to legal and financial management assistance