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Religion Resources in the ADDRESSING Model

University Resources

There are many university organizations connected to a wide variety of religious groups and religious interests, including:

  • Adventist Christian Fellowship
  • Anointed Ministries
  • Brookfield Church
  • Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
  • Chinese Bible Study Group
  • Comparative Religion Group
  • CRU at OU
  • Divine Covering
  • Hillel
  • Interfaith Impact
  • International Christian Fellowship
  • Intersect
  • Kappa Phi
  • LIGHT Campus Ministry
  • Latter Day Saints Student Association
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Ohio University Bible Fellowship
  • Ohio University Newman Catholic Community
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship
  • Radio Christi
  • Reach Out on Campus
  • Refreshing Waters Ministries
  • Spirit of Kairos
  • The Bridge: Lutheran Campus Ministry
  • United Campus Ministry
  • Young Life

Undergraduate Certificates

The university offers undergraduate certificates in the following:

Community Resources

Ohio University has a link to local places of worship by denomination.