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Sport Management Minor

You can stand out in today’s complex, global, and competitive sports industry.

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Sports administration is an applied field of study based on the integration of the special nature of sport endeavors and management theory, and administrative principles applied to sport involvement.

The Sport Management Minor at Ohio University is designed to provide you with the academic preparation and practical training required for success in or working with the sport industry. Stand out by demonstrating an understanding of the integration of the special nature of sports and management theory from a premier sport management program.

Admission Information

  • Freshman/First-Year Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements
  • Change of Program Policy: No selective or limited admission requirements
  • External Transfer Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements

Courses in Sport Management Minor

Complete course information is available in the Undergraduate Catalog. This includes Repeat/Retake Information, Grades, Requisites, Warnings, and more. Review the catalog and talk with your academic advisor as you consider this minor.

To complete the Sport Management minor, students complete one core course (3 credit hours) and 12 credit hours of elective courses.

All students complete this one course:

  • SASM 1010 – Introduction to Sport Management
    Introduction to the multiple facets of the sport industry. The knowledge gained in this course will provide a foundation for the future study of the industry.

Elective courses

  • Students finish the minor by completing a total of 12 hours of elective courses.

One core courses (3 hours) + elective courses (12 hours) = Sport Management Minor


Interested in Declaring the Sport Management Minor?

The process is simple:


  1. Visit your college's student service office
  2. Ask for an "Application for Update of Academic Programs" form; it may also be referred to as the "declaration of major/minor form"
  3. You may need the program code for the marketing minor: OR6117
  4. You may need your advisor's ID and name. (Find your advisor through the My OHIO Success Network.)
  5. Return the completed form to your student service office.

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Request More Information

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