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The Ohio University Hockey Team has a unique feature in that, it does not charge its players to play. Since the team is a non-varsity sport, it receives little financial assistance from the university and relies on the ticket and gear sales and fundraising by players, staff and The Blueline Booster Club.

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Ohio Hockey Decade of Excellence Fund

  • An annual operating fund providing general support for the program, including, but not limited to: travel, tournament fees, equipment, and other operational needs.
  • During the decade 1994-2004, the hockey program won four national championships. This fund was established to honor the players, coaches, staff members, and alumni involved over the course of that decade. It encourages future philanthropic support in order to help advance the program toward more decades of excellence.

The Ohio University Ice Hockey Endowment Fund

  • An endowed account providing general support for the program through the annual earnings of its principal balance.
  • The purpose of the endowment is to provide a constant means of future support of the ice hockey program at Ohio University.

John McComb Scholarship Fund

  • An endowed account providing tuition assistance for a student associated with the ice hockey program.
  • The scholarship serves as a continuing reminder of the late coach and professor John A. McComb (1930-2002) and is awarded to a student who typifies Coach McComb's attributes, such as dedication to ice hockey, positive attitude toward all he/she pursues, willingness to help get people involved with the ice hockey program, and conduct as a role model for students both on and off the ice.

Daniel J. Marazon, D.O. Scholarship

  • An endowed account providing tuition assistance for a student associated with the ice hockey program.
  • The scholarship honors the late team physician Daniel J. Marazon, D.O. (1945-2012), or "Doc" as he was affectionately known by those surrounding the hockey team. The scholarship serves as a constant reminder of Dr. Marazon's commitment to education, those in need and members of the OHIO Hockey team.

Blueline Boosters - OHIO Hockey

The Blueline Booster Club is a nonprofit organization formed to support the high standards of ice hockey at Ohio University through fundraising efforts and volunteerism. The Blueline Booster Club provides financial and moral support to the OHIO Hockey Team. They help provide and prepare food for team travel, honor players, organize alumni events, and sponsor social events.

Membership Benefits:

Tickets for the Blue Line Boosters include the following amenities:

  • Access to the balcony at Bird Arena (if purchased with a season ticket)
  • Reserved seating in the Blue Line section at Bird Arena.

To become a member of the Blue Line Boosters, please contact Anne Oberlin.

Ohio University Foundation

You can also support the Ohio University Hockey Team by making donations through the Ohio University Foundation. If using the One-Time Gift page, please click "Other" in any drop-down menu listed in the Gift Designation section and enter the name of the Ohio University Hockey Team Fund or Scholarship you would like your donation to go to.