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Welcome Army ROTC Alumni!

The Ohio University Army ROTC Network began with a steering committee of 6 members in February 2001. Since that time, we have raised our membership to nearly 300 alumni serving on Active Duty, in the Guard and Reserves, as retired military and as leaders in the civilian community.

More than any other graduates from Ohio University, our alumni are stationed and living all across the world, many in harms way for the cause of freedom. Many you know are currently fighting on the battlefield in the War on Terrorism.

In addition to that, our alumni, more than any other society of Ohio University, have been called to a higher purpose—the purpose of leadership, for our country and for our soldiers.

It is the mission of the Alumni Network to bring OHIO grads together, foster friendships and promote the further welfare of the cadets and Army ROTC Program at Ohio University. And the purpose of the network as written in the constitution is to “aid and promote the general welfare of the Army ROTC program...”

In order to do this, we started an endowed fund in 2002 which currently has $5000 pledged or paid into the account. In order to become an Endowed Fund, we must raise $15,000 total.

Please give back to what has been given to you, as you consider making a donation to the Army ROTC Endowment. Consider making a pledge of $500-$1000 which can be paid over a 12-month time period. If you can’t donate that much, consider writing a $100 check for the endowment.

If you want more information regarding the Army ROTC Endowment Fund, contact Matthew Babika at

Network Representative

Matthew Babika -

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