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Accommodating and Supporting Students


Accessibility Services provides training and outreach regarding a variety of topics regarding disability, accessibility, and inclusion. This online form asks several questions we need to understand and best address your request. You may select from common topics or request a customized training. Once we review your request we will be in touch in 3-5 business days to discuss our capacity to provide training and identify the appropriate staff to best meet your needs. You may contact Accessibility Services with questions at or 740-593-2620.

Training Request

Referring Students

Talking to Students

If a student is struggling significantly in a course, whether in understanding and completing assignments or attending and participating appropriately, then a faculty member may wish to meet privately with the student to discuss their performance in the course.

It is possible that a student is not aware that aspects of their class performance are of concern, or that they’re embarrassed by these concerns. Therefore, it is important that faculty members bring their observations to the student’s attention in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Faculty members are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services should they have any questions or want further guidance on making a referral to the office.

Suggested Guidelines for Meetings

  • Send the student an e-mail requesting to meet during office hours (or by appointment) to discuss class performance.
  • Keep the discussion focused on observations of the student’s performance that are of concern. For example, a faculty member might start out with such phrases as “I’ve noticed you have missed ‘x number’ of classes this [week, month, semester]” or “I’ve observed a pattern of ‘x mistakes’ in your written work.”
    • Do not ask if the student has a disability or speculate that the student has a disability.
    • You May ask if the student has struggled or received assistance for struggles in the past.
    • You May ask if the student is currently receiving assistance or is interested in learning more about what on-campus resources are available to them.
    • Offer that the student seeks assistance from Accessibility Services in conjunction with other campus resources (e.g., Allen Advising, Academic Achievement Center (AAC), and Counseling and Psychological Services).
    • Offer to assist the student with scheduling an appointment with Accessibility Services if the student has expressed an interest in doing so.

Accommodation Notification

Once a student has completed the registration process with Accessibility Services, it is their responsibility to notify their instructors of their accommodations. If a student requests accommodations for your class, they should provide you with a letter dated for the current semester, listing the accommodations they have been approved for. 

sample accommodation letter

Students may provide their accommodation letter by email or hard copy in person. Once you receive that letter, you will want to discuss privately with the student how their accommodations will be implemented in your class.  It is recommended this be discussed via a face-to-face meeting if possible. 



If the student is requesting exam accommodations that you are not able to arrange (i.e. extended time, reader, reduced distraction location), Testing Services can assist with these arrangements. It is important that the student knows in advance of test day how arrangements will be made, whether you will work with them directly or they need to schedule through Testing Services. 

Procedure for Scheduling Exams

Keep in mind that exams scheduled through Testing Services must be scheduled a week before the test date. Because of this, we ask that you:

  • Inform student of the need to test through Testing Services as soon as the need is known
  • Be available to complete the online Accessibility Exam Schedule form when you receive it via email (this must be done at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled test date).

Questions and Concerns

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding a specific request for accommodation, or questions about the manner in which the accommodation is to be implemented in your class, please contact the student’s Accessibility Coordinator listed on their accommodation letter for assistance.  If concerns are not resolved through discussion with the Accessibility Coordinator, it will be referred to the Director of Student Accessibility for resolution. Decisions made by Accessibility Services may be reviewed by the ADA/504 Coordinator for a final determination, which is appealable to the Provost.


Syllabus Statement

Accessibility Services encourages faculty to include information regarding accommodations and our office in the course syllabus. Additionally, Accessibility Services recommends reviewing this information from the syllabus with the class at the beginning of the semester. This may increase a student’s comfort with providing notification and awareness of the process, as well as help to assure you receive timely notification for accommodation requests.

Sample Statement

“Any student who feels they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific needs and provide written documentation from Accessibility Services. If you are not yet registered as a student with a disability, please contact Accessibility Services at 740-593-2620 or visit the office in Alden Library, Suite 230.”