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Peer Note Takers

Requesting Peer Note Takers

  1. Complete the Note Taker Request form in ACCOMMODATE for the current semester.
  2. Complete each section of the form and click “Submit.”'
  3. You will receive a confirmation message once your form has been submitted.
    If you have multiple requests to make, click on the Accommodate logo at the top of your screen or return to the Accessibility Services homepage to request note takers for additional classes.

How to Access Notes in Accommodate

  1. Log in to ACCOMMODATE
  2. Click on “Documents” > “Approved Documents”. Please Note: You can also view your notes under “Accommodation” > “Documents” but notes will not be sortable on this screen.
  3. On the next screen you should see a list of your notes as well as a link to download a PDF.
  4. If you wish to sort your notes – “Last Modified” will display your most recently added notes. We do recommend you download and keep a local copy of your notes on your personal device so that you can access your notes offline in the event that ACCOMMODATE is ever offline.
  5. If you’re not receiving your notes or the quality is such that you can’t use them – please contact Accessibility Services as soon as possible.