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Process to Request Employee Accommodations

The process to request reasonable accommodations in the workplace is an interactive process including the employee with a disability, the supervisor, and University Accessibility staff.

  • Complete the Employee Request for Reasonable Accommodations Form [DOCX] and submit to the Office for University Accessibility.
  • Receive confirmation from University Accessibility that your request has been received with information about next steps.
  • If the impacts of your disability are not readily apparent, documentation regarding your disability will likely be requested. University Accessibility provides a Disability Documentation Form [DOCX] that your health care provider may complete in most instances. This form asks for the type of information that is helpful in reviewing your request and determining reasonable accommodations. If you already have other documentations, that can be reviewed to see if the form may be necessary.
  • Once the request and any necessary documentation is received, University Accessibility will contact you to schedule an initial meeting to begin the interactive process for determining reasonable accommodations.

If you have questions about the process or documentation at any time, you may contact the Office for University Accessibility at 740.593.2620 or