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Communication Access

Accessibility Services is presently seeking to expand the types of communication access for persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Currently, the primary method for communication access is in-person American Sign Language interpreting.

For Individuals

Any individual who requires ASL interpreting to attend an Ohio University event should contact the sponsoring or planning department to make their request. Students who require ASL for academic access should follow the registration process through Accessibility Services, while employees who require ASL related to employment should follow the process for requesting employee accommodations.

Departments and Event Planners

Accessibility Services will arrange for interpreters and cover expenses in situations where a particular person has requested an interpreter to attend a University-sponsored event or program. If you wish to provide ASL interpreters regardless of request, Accessibility Services will provide a list of approved interpreters and guidance for you to coordinate these services at the department’s expense. 

Arranging ASL Interpreting

  • Submit your request at least seven days prior to the event using the online Form to Request an American Sign Language Interpreter.
  • When an interpreter has been scheduled, confirmation will be emailed to the requester.
  • If Accessibility Services is unable to secure an ASL interpreter, notice will be provided to the requester at least one day prior to the event date.

Use one of two options to suit your planning needs

  • Wait to initiate the request for ASL with Accessibility Services until you receive a specific request. Requests made with less than seven days’ notice are not guaranteed to be filled.
  • Fill out the form in advance of knowing if a person will need an interpreter and contact Accessibility Services to cancel the request seven days prior to the event if no specific individual has requested services. Failure to cancel the request in a timely manner may result in the department being billed for services.

Event planners are expected to include language in their program announcement to let attendees know who to contact if they need to request an ASL interpreter or other accommodation with a clear date by which the request must be received.

Suggested language

“To request an ASL interpreter or other accommodation to attend this event, please contact [Name of Event Contact Person/Dept] at XXX(at) no later than YYY date.”