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Temporary Assistance

Students experiencing impacts from a temporary injury or condition are not eligible for full registration with Accessibility Services. However, Accessibility Services can coordinate with instructors and other campus departments to provide assistance on a temporary basis. 

To request temporary assistance, students will need to complete the online application for accommodations.  (If you need assistance completing this form, please contact our office.)  If you have documentation of your condition and anticipated duration of symptoms, please attach that to your application or submit that information separately to Accessibility Services. 

After submitting your application, call the Accessibility Services office at (740) 593-2620 or stop by Alden 230 to schedule an appointment with an Accessibility Coordinator to determine how we may be able to assist you during your recovery.  Depending on the nature of your condition, your coordinator may need to request additional information from your medical provider via our Disability Documentation Form to better understand the impacts you are experiencing and how to best support you.

Students who are only in need of temporary on-campus housing adjustments or transportation assistance, may contact Housing and Residence Life and/or Transportation & Parking Services directly to coordinate such arrangements.