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Step 1: Foundations of Leadership

The Foundations of Leadership Badge is the first badge students earn in the Ohio University Leadership Endorsement program. The badge is achieved upon completion of an overview course for each of the eight skill areas.

If you are a Division of Student Affairs student staff member and are ready to complete the overview course, start the program below.

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Step 2: Checkpoint

Once students have earned the Foundations of Leadership Badge, they are ready to start earning badges for each of the eight skill areas.
The first step to achieving an individual skill badge is to participate in an activity or program and then submit evidence demonstrating how the skill was utilized. This step is referred to as a Checkpoint. Once the Checkpoint submission is received, a supervisor will contact the student and schedule a meeting to review the activity or program. During the Checkpoint meeting, students will be expected to discuss their submission, the goal they set, and the plan they developed for leading an activity.

Students, are you ready to submit your Checkpoint?

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Step 3: Reflection

Once students have completed the Checkpoint for an individual skill area, the final step to earning the skill badge is to lead an activity demonstrating the skill, document the experience, and submit the documentation for review. This step is referred to as the Reflection. Once the Reflection is submitted, an OULE team member will review the submission and either contact the student for further information or approve the Reflection.

Students, are you ready to submit your Reflection? 

NOTE: Students are able to refer to a past experience when completing the Checkpoint but Reflections will only be awarded for leading a new program or activity. Students may apply for more than one skill badge at a time, utilizing the same experience.

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Step 4: Mock Interview

In order to receive the Leadership Endorsement, students must complete a mock interview in the Career Achievement Network. The interview will require students to articulate their knowledge of the eight skill areas and how they have demonstrated leadership of these skills.

If you have completed the Foundations of Leadership Badge and badges for all eight skill areas, schedule a Mock Interview below.

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