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StressLess for Student Success

StressLess for Student Success

Stress and anxiety are typical parts of life. In fact, moderate levels of stress can be beneficial to those who have learned to manage it.  However, a person’s physical and mental health can be at risk when stress levels persist over a period of time. According the American Psychological Association, 80% of college students say they sometimes or often feel stressed.  If stress and anxiety are not managed properly, they can prevent students from achieving their academic and career goals, as well as social development. Some of the main stressors for college students include living away from home, test anxiety, academic demands, finances and post-graduate plans.

There are four common elements that contribute to OHIO’s well-being priorities; purpose, resilience, relationships and achievement. OHIO offers an abundant amount of resources to help students manage stress and enhance their overall well-being. These resources can be accessed by clicking on each element of well-being listed below.


Elements of Well-Being

Student listens in class


Recognizing the meaning of what one does and value of how it impacts others.

Student laughs as she studies


Believing in oneself and managing adversity by making good choices and effectively utilizing surrounding opportunities.

Student poses with Rufus


Building positive relationships and belonging to a greater community through engagement

Student hugs a supporter at commencement


Accomplishing worthwhile goals by engaging in experiences that provide the means to thrive in all areas of life.

Actions of Well-Being


    Be Active

    Be active physically, emotionally, and intellectually.


    Be Connected

    Form social networks. Join a group or organization. Participate in community activities. 


    Be Yourself

    Develop a positive self-view. Know and embrace your self-identity. Make value-based decisions.


WellTrack: a free app for OHIO faculty and students

Counseling and Psychological Services is pleased to offer WellTrack, a self-guided interactive online therapy program. WellTrack is free and confidential to Ohio University students.

With WellTrack, you will be able to...

Monitor your moods;
Learn more about how to manage anxiety and stress;
Improve depressive thoughts and behaviors;
Relax in our zen room and more!


Other Resources

The Student’s Guide to Managing Stress in College

Feelings of stress and anxiety are a part of life. Some levels of stress can actually be good for us, as the right kind of stress encourages us toward change and growth. However, when stress and anxiety exist for an extended period of time, they can become a burden or even a health risk. This guidebook will help you recognize and understand feelings of stress and anxiety and learn how to manage them so that they don’t become overwhelming.

View The Student’s Guide to Managing Stress in College

Apps to Manage Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation

Find the right app for you, for managing stress, anxiety, relaxation, or sleep. Options available for both Android and IOS.