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The harder we look, the more becomes visible.

The more we make visible, the more we will see.

VISIBLE: Uniting our Work to Build an Inclusive Community

The work of building a diverse and inclusive community is far more than a set of boxes to check or a series of events to attend. It happens in small steps and in big leaps, in one-on-one conversations and in massive demonstrations. To succeed we must be both relentlessly intentional and open to the spontaneous opportunities for positive change. 

VISIBLE is about shining a light on all of it – the good work, the hard truths, the differences we easily embrace and those that make us uncomfortable, the barriers, the opportunities, and most of all of the people who are or strive to be a part of our Bobcat community.

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    Join other Bobcats in expressing their commitment to listen, share, learn, and make every voice count.

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Raise Your Voice

Students at OHIO are distinctly individual. With hopes, dreams, and plans for their futures, each of them has a voice! Hear from some of these Bobcats about opportunities for leadership, empowerment, and resilience through various diversity-related centers and organizations at the University.

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