Housing Help

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Sometimes students find themselves housing insecure or in situations where they are at-risk for homelessness.

Common examples include:

  • Living in a shelter, on the streets, in a car
  • Fourteen days from losing current housing and no safe alternatives – like an eviction, including from university housing
  • Fleeing housing due to violence or threat of violence

Ohio University is here to help. Faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to Dean of Students office if they believe they have a student who is housing insecure or homeless.

Break Housing

Not all students have a home to return to over the winter and summer breaks. On-campus housing is offered at a daily rate and financial support is available for those that qualify through the intake process.

Temporary Emergency Housing

Students experiencing a housing crisis that results in homeless should complete the housing intake form to see if they qualify for temporary emergency housing or community-based services.

Community Resources

These community resources are available to students in need:

How can I access Housing Help resources?

A student can access Housing Help by filling out a brief intake form. Someone from the Dean of Students office will reach out to explore campus and community options.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions about Housing Help or the intake process, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at deanofstudents@ohio.edu or 740.593.1800.