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Student Well-Being Coaching: Coming Fall 2020!

Student WellBeing Coaching

What is Well-Being Coaching? 

Well-Being Coaching is a free service offered by Campus Recreation that provides opportunities for you to BE ACTIVE, BE CONNECTED, and BE YOURSELF by gaining awareness about the life that you want to live both now, and in the future. Bobcat Well-Being Coaches take a positive approach to personal development, focusing on your strengths and using the Bobcat Well-Being model as a framework for generating goals that are meaningful for you. 

What Makes Coaching Different From Counseling? 

There are many similarities between coaching and counseling, which can make it very easy to confuse the two services. The chart below describes some of the difference between these student services. 

Counseling Coaching
Counseling is a service that supports college students by providing effective treatment for mental health concerns. Well-Being Coaching is a service that supports college students by enhancing holistic well-being, health, and success through empowering conversations about strengths and goals.
Counseling center staff are licensed mental health professionals Well-Being coaching staff are graduate level or professional staff members who have participated in training as well-being coaches.
Counseling staff collect information about you and your concerns and work with you to decide how to best address them. Counseling staff will come alongside you on your journey toward resolving or managing these concerns.  Coaches believe you are the expert that you need, and help you to identify and trust your distinctive voice so that you can make decisions that are most appropriate for your preferred outcomes. 

Both coaching and counseling can be incredibly valuable for students. If you think you'd like to seek treatment for a mental health concern, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) at (740) 593-1616, or check out their website at https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling. If you want support in navigating transitions in your life, are seeking a safe place to talk through challenges, or want to focus on improving your college experience through focusing on well-being and strengths, well-being coaching could be a great fit for you! 


Contact Tony Gregory, Assistant Director of Well-Being & Fitness for assistance