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Scripps Black Alumni Reunion Reception links alumni, students

Oct 1, 2013

Alumni Michael Leftwich, BGS '89, and Kevin Britton, BSC '88, talk to Seaira Christian-Daniels, a senior in the Scripps College of Communication. / Photo by Megan Westervelt

Scripps Black Alumni Reunion Reception links alumni, students   

By Erin Roberts

ATHENS, Ohio (Oct. 1, 2013)—The Scripps College of Communication hosted an afternoon ice cream social for black alumni returning to the main campus of Ohio University in Athens and multicultural students on Sat., Sept. 28.

About 40 people attended the reception in the atrium and amphitheater of E.W. Scripps Hall. Two current students—Aunjanna' Million, a sophomore journalism major and president of the Ohio University Association of Black Journalists; and Nolan Alexander, a senior video production major with a minor in African-American studies, who spent the past nine months completing internships at Miss Universe and VICE magazine—spoke to the group about their Scripps student experiences.

"This place feels like home," Million said of Athens. "I know so many people who have said it just feels right, and I know you would all agree."

Million invited alumni to return to campus to interact with students in the group or to give of their time and talent in other ways. "It's such a blessing for all of us to hear your stories. We love to hear from our alumni and to feel like we are not alone."

Maurice Murrell, BSC '89, of Washington, D.C., said while he returns to campus at least once a year, he was not up to date on college events.

"I'd like to see these alumni reunions happen more than once every three years," said Murrell, who is investigating a return to campus to earn an advanced degree. "The students spoke very well today and are very educated. Since I've been a student, the opportunities have really expanded, which is great."

Dean Scott Titsworth took the opportunity to update alumni on college events, progress in the Steven L. Schoonover Center for Communication and diversity efforts in the college.

"For the first time ever, the college has named a chief diversity officer with the hiring of Association Dean for Student Success Beth Novak," said Dean Titsworth. "We're going to assemble a diversity committee, and I welcome your input."

The dean also took a moment to honor two alumni who have passed away in the past year: Brian McIntyre, a 1991 graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism who lost a battle with cancer in May 2012; and Jonathan Davis, a 2005 graduate of the school, who lost his life while saving his nine-year-old son from drowning in August. McIntyre was a successful broadcast journalist in the Cleveland area and often came back to Ohio University to volunteer his time and talents with WOUB and the High School Journalism Workshop. Davis was a member of the first class of John Newton Templeton Scholars.

Junior Scripps College student Adrienne Green was impressed with the event and said it was worthwhile.

"I wish I had more time to do more things this weekend," Green said. "This event is one of the important ones. Networking at Scripps is the reason I've been able to do so much here. Scripps has the ability to connect people like no other college."