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2019 Scripps College of Communication graduates pose happily in their caps and gowns

What can you expect from the Scripps College of Communication?

Expect to forge connections with classmates and teachers that will last throughout your life, from the day your professor helps you land your first job to the day your fellow alum contacts you about a dream job. Expect change—the exciting, inevitable kind of change that tells you something new is emerging, something that will move the world forward. Expect to feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.

In the Scripps College of Communication, we prepare the next generation of communication leaders. Today, communication encompasses journalism, photojournalism, broadcast media, game design, AR and VR technology, network development, social media, data visualization, scholarly research and so much more. We know that tomorrow, the definition of communication will only expand to include technological developments we can only imagine.

That’s why our students aren’t just ready for change, they’re hungry for it. They go on to careers in news, advertising, public relations, fashion and commercial photography, graphic and magazine design, animation, information technology, game design, video production, movies and television. They go on to do great things in the world beyond Athens, never forgetting where they learned it all.

Our alumni network is an essential element of what makes us special. Scripps alums know the value of a Scripps education, so they do everything they can to help their fellow “Scripps kids,” through internship placements, job referrals and, when they’re in a position to do so, hiring.

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