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2019 Scripps College of Communication graduates pose happily in their caps and gowns

It took the world nearly 30 years to go from black-and-white to color television. Twenty years to get from the first cell phone to the first text message. Fifteen years from the first text message to the first touch screen smart phone. And in the last 15? We’ve seen the rise of social media, the birth and massive growth of streaming video, increasingly global access to the internet, and more. We are in a moment of exponential change, one that is driving an ever-accelerating evolution of media and communications.

At Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication, one thing hasn’t changed – we have always been at the forefront of this dynamic industry. Our legendary programs in journalism and visual communication have been churning out Pulitzer-winning, industry-defining journalists and photographers for decades, but you may not realize that we are also leading the charge in teaching emerging technologies, interdisciplinary collaboration, and strategies for storytelling in an ever-more-connected world. Here, you won’t just read about what’s new and next, you’ll navigate, apply, and lead it. You’ll roll up your sleeves and learn to be a part of the change –forever forward, forever ready for whatever’s next.

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