Ohio University

Undergraduate Program

The School of Communication Studies (COMS) embraces a liberal arts orientation whereby students learn to pose questions and pursue answers by critically thinking, describing, synthesizing, critiquing, and imagining. Across courses, students explore how messages and relational interactions shape and in turn are shaped by institutions, emerging technologies, and globalization. Our goal is to cultivate the lifelong development of communication competencies that individuals can use to coordinate action, solve problems, foster well-being, engage in creative activity, and participate in civic life.

Current Ohio University Students who wish to apply to the COMS program may submit an application and supplemental materials (a 300-word essay: Why is COMS an appropriate major for you? Additionally, a "What If DARS" for COMS)  HERE.

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All of our Communication Studies majors are encouraged to personalize curricular choices as guided by their professional goals. Students may pursue a concentration in one of three overlapping areas: Organizational Communication, Health Communication, and Communication and Public Advocacy.