Undergraduate Program

The School of Communication Studies (COMS) offers a Bachelor of Science in Communication (B.S.C.) with a liberal arts education, emphasizing the scientific and artistic bases of communication. Courses combine theory and practice as students study the historical and conceptual foundations of the field of communication. An historical understanding of communication theory is useful but insufficient in a globally competitive world, so the major in communication studies also equips students with the competencies most prized by employers including strong oral and written communication, effective interpersonal and group communication skills, cultural aptitude, critical thinking, meeting planning, and problem-solving/decision-making.  

A COMS degree prepares students for professional life, but not a specific career. Students may pursue a concentration in one of three overlapping areas: Organizational Communication, Health Communication, and Communication and Public Advocacy. The COMS B.S.C. can be completed on the Athens or Regional campuses (links direct you to the program overview) and requires a minimum of 120 total credit hours, including 42-credit hours in COMS and 18-credit hours of related area coursework outside of COMS.

The Related Area Requirement allows students to develop skills and knowledge in one or more specific areas related to career aspirations. For example, COMS majors may choose to complete one or more of the 100+  minors or certificates (link to a list and descriptions of all minors, majors, and certificates) to fulfill part of this 18-credit hour requirement or consult with an academic advisor to create a related area unique to professional goals. Popular minors include Advertising and Public Relations, Marketing, Political Science; and, popular certificates include Law, Justice and Culture, Sales, Social Media, and Strategic Leadership. Whether you choose a minor, certificate or to create your own related area, the combination of communication competencies with career specific curricular content make COMS graduates particularly sought after by employers.  

Current Ohio University Students who wish to declare COMS as their program of study are encouraged to sign up to attend an Information Session or email Dr. Miller at Jerry.Miller.1@ohio.edu.

Submit applications and supplemental materials (a 300-word essay: Why is COMS an appropriate major for you? Additionally, a "What If DARS" for COMS) HEREPlease note that we review applications the first week of each month