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Study Advocacy, Interpersonal, Health & Organizational Communication

Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Studies and Prepare to Participate in a Globally Competitive World

Communicating is almost as natural for humans as breathing, but most of us do not understand why we communicate the way we do. We communicate to build relationships, accomplish tasks and influence others. Words, nonverbal cues, culture and place all help shape our communications.

Communication majors delve into both the process of communication as well as basic communication skills like message creation, public speaking and conflict resolution. In Ohio University’s Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies program, you'll gain a robust and versatile skill set to help you succeed in any industry or setting, including careers that don't exist yet.

Choose What You Want to Learn

  • B.S. in Communication Studies

    The B.S. in Communication Studies major equips students with the competencies most prized by employers in a globally competitive world, including strong oral and written communication, effective interpersonal and group communication skills, critical thinking, meeting planning, and problem-solving/decision-making. In the program, students focus their studies on one area of emphasis or more to prepare for a variety of possible career paths.

  • Organizational Communication Emphasis

    This career emphasis dives deep into how individuals and organizations exchange messages (especially to each other) and explores how businesses tackle the most common challenges in communicating to their audiences.

  • Health Communication Emphasis

    The health communication focus dives into interpersonal communication styles within the health-care industry, medical messaging and how patients communicate with health-care providers.

  • Public Communication and Advocacy Emphasis

    The public communication and advocacy emphasis explores how legal and political communication theories and practices may be integrated. It also dives deep into the importance of communication techniques in debate and politics.

  • Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Emphasis

    Students in this emphasis explore the theories and practices of interpersonal and cultural communication in a variety of contexts. Communicating with diverse communities, community building, and creation of inclusive environments are important objectives.

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    Most Ohio University communication majors complete this program at our fully equipped and nationally renowned residential campus in Athens. Here, you’ll enjoy a supportive and social experience in conjunction with your academic studies, finding a wealth of groups to join and places to see, no matter what your tastes may be.

    Want to Change Your Major to COMS? 

    Current OHIO students who want to change majors can declare Communication Studies as their program of study. 

    Athens Campus

  • Regional Campuses

    If one of our regional campuses happens to be closer to home, you can take several communication courses from there before transferring to Athens. This is a great way to begin or continue your education even with lifestyle changes in the middle of your degree.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

  • Online

    OHIO’s online communications program is perfect if you want to attend from afar. Ideally suited for professionals in a variety of public, non-profit and private organizations who have positions that emphasize internal and external communication, the major cross-trains individuals in visual, written and oral communication

    OHIO Online

Careers in Communication

So, what can you do with a degree in communication studies? A more apt question might be, what can’t you do? Prepared with transferable competency sets that enable them to work in a variety of organizations, many of our communication studies graduates have gone on to take lucrative and personally fulfilling jobs like and more:

  • Social and digital media manager
  • Salesperson
  • Speech writer
  • Federal Public Defender
  • Communication management
  • Financial advisor
  • Event management
  • Leadership roles across organizations and contexts
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human Resources
  • Careers that have not yet been created

Post-Grad Opportunities for Communication Studies Majors

While many students of our BS in communication program head straight into the workforce, there are plenty of academic doors open to you right after graduation. For instance, you might decide to attend our online master’s degree in communication. It’ll equip you with even more specialized skills and allow you to further tailor your academic credentials to a particular industry or professional niche.

Or, maybe you’re interested in researching the theories behind communication studies and entering academia yourself. OHIO’s Ph.D. program in communication is perfect for you, and you can pursue it in one of three different primary research areas:


Where Can You Find Our Communication Studies Alumni?

Our alumni have careers in law, human resources, speech writing, campaigns, event planning, marketing, logistics and more. As a communication studies major, you'll gain a robust and versatile skill set to help you succeed in any industry, making our communication studies degree a flexible credential for a variety of careers, including those emerging alongside new technologies.


Check out our Alumni Advisory Council to read more about our alumni and where you can find them.

Alumni Advisory Council


Visit the Communication Resource Center (CRC)

The Communication Resource Center is a place where communications majors can find support for public speaking, develop their communication skills, build thesis statements, and much more. They’ll meet with peer leaders, who are fellow students who have faced the exact same challenges as you – and who can provide one-on-one guidance where necessary.

Communication Resource Center


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Get Hands-On Experience With Your Communications Degree

The best way to master communication theories and speaking strategies is to put them to the test. That’s why OHIO communications students will participate in many experiential learning opportunities.

  • Join the Ohio University Speech and Debate Team

    Want to get your name out there and flex your hard-earned skills. Join the Ohio University Speech and Debate Team, which regularly welcomes new communication students and competes on the national stage against other debate teams from schools around the country.

  • Join the Student Professionals of Communication Studies

    The Student Professionals of Communication Studies is a student-run organization that helps communications majors develop their professional and networking skills. Meet on a biweekly basis to find new internship opportunities and projects to participate in.

  • Honors Tutorial Degree

    The HTC program in Communication Studies aims to provide the exceptionally-qualified student with a comprehensive understanding of communication theory and practice, a student-driven focus in a specific aspect of communication studies, and extensive experience in communication inquiry and research. COMS HTC students will learn with other COMS majors in some courses, while developing their expertise in tutorials devoted to developing in-depth experience and understanding.

Why Choose a Degree in Communication Studies?

The Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies degree from Ohio University is a well-rounded and highly valuable degree because it teaches students the underlying theoretical concepts surrounding effective communication and instructs them on the proper application of those theories. In other words, students emerge knowing not just what to say to get a message across but how and why.

As a result, our students have competencies that employers always appreciate in business and other contexts. The communication studies program covers everything you need to be a highly persuasive messaging expert, whether that’s in sales, marketing or something else entirely. Many students appreciate this program thanks to those practical skills, which often help them acquire jobs before or shortly after graduation.

Other students also enjoy this program because it helps them understand people like never before. Psychological ideas are at the heart of many core communication concepts, so pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications will empower you to understand yourself and others in new ways.

Student Support Resources for Communication Studies Majors

There’s a plethora of student organizations for communication studies degree majors that you can join for leadership experience or social enrichment! The School of Communication Studies is home to major-specific groups that are welcoming to all, such as the:

  • Student Professionals of Communication Studies (SPCS)
  • Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society (LPH)
  • Ohio University Speaking Bobcats

Communication studies majors can further get support for public speaking and other major-related challenges at the above-mentioned Communication Resource Center. Students can get additional academic support and advising at the Harris Student Support Center.

The OHIO Experience for Communication Studies Majors

College is different for every student, and Ohio University is committed to ensuring all incoming communication majors have the support they need to succeed. It all starts with access to regular academic advisors who can help you create and stick to graduation plans. Of course, the faculty in our undergraduate communication studies program are also highly rated for their teaching abilities and their individual attention to students who need tutoring or one-on-one guidance.

Thanks to the experiential learning you’ll find at OHIO, you’ll graduate from the program with the confidence and communications capabilities needed to thrive in any position. Student organizations, on-campus activities and engaging classes combine to create an enthralling college experience at Ohio University.

For Current OHIO Students

Current Ohio University Students who wish to declare COMS as their program of study are encouraged to sign up to attend an Information Session or email Dr. Miller at

Submit applications and supplemental materials using the link below (a 300-word essay: Why is COMS an appropriate major for you? And, a "What If DARS" for COMS). Please note that we review applications the first week of each month.

Major Change Application