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Career Pathways

Students majoring in Communication Studies focus their studies in one or more of the follow areas, preparing them for a variety of possible career paths.

Organizational Communication

Communication is a defining feature of organizations. Organizational communication is the study of how individuals construct and exchange messages to enable goal-oriented activity and cope with uncertainty. Coursework adopts a communication approach to exploring organizational structures, interpersonal relationships, power and control, leadership, organizational socialization, and diversity at work.

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Health Communication

Students focused on health communication are concerned with people’s communication and knowledge needs in such areas as the relationships between patients and their healthcare providers, family dynamics, dissemination of health information, and the use of emerging technology to improve health and healthcare.

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Communication and Public Advocacy

Students concentrating their studies in Communication and Public Advocacy focus on the integration of political and legal communication theory and practice. Coursework emphasizes the role of communication in argument, debate, and politics, including the ethical and rhetorical implications of constitutional guarantees and persuasive strategies characteristic of contemporary political communication.

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