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Team Leadership and Communication

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Team Leadership and Communication

As perceptions of “workplaces” continue to change and evolve, organizational managers are challenged with identifying innovative approaches for motivating employees, encouraging relationship-building and networking, and implementing strategies to facilitate effective decision-making in a variety of contexts (in-person and remote). The Team Leadership and Communication certificate builds practical skills through examination of communication theories and research on relationship building, conflict management, team building, understanding diverse perspectives and communication styles, and decision-making processes.

Completing the certificate fulfills 12 of the required elective hours for the online master’s degree in organizational communication. Students admitted to this certificate may also seek admission to the Organizational Communication degree, and/or other certificates.

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Who should apply?

This certificate is a great fit for current or aspiring organizational leaders who seek advancement to roles requiring effective leadership, team building, and group facilitation skills. Specific competencies developed in this program include initiating and maintaining relationships, identifying individual strengths, assessing team performance, utilizing effective communication skills, managing social conflict, and developing team-building skills.

OHIO Online Incentive Scholarships are available to OHIO alumni, as well as employees of our 50+ corporate partners, military active duty, and veterans. The 15% scholarship applies to instructional, program, and non-resident fees.

Required Courses

The certificate requires 12 credit hours, made up of the required courses listed below. Students must earn a grade of “B-“ or higher in a class in order for it to count toward the certificate completion. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all three courses is required for certificate completion.

  • Cross-Cultural Communication (COMS 5200): Analyze and explore how communication is affected by processes and problems national cultures, and the effects of differences in languages, values, meaning, perception, and thought.
  • Communication in Social Conflict (COMS 6200): Study the roles of communication in conflict and conflict in communication, and learn communication strategies for reducing or managing conflict in social situations.
  • Communication Process in Small Groups (COMS 7210): Use research and theory to learn about group social systems, group modification of individual judgment, leadership styles, group vs. individual goals, and intragroup lines of communication.

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Note that course offerings vary by term. To ensure that you complete the certificate in your desired timeline, contact program advisor Laura Costa dos Santos to create a certificate plan.

Skills and Competencies

  • Identify effective communication skills to strengthen relationships across teams, departments, and organizational hierarchical levels.
  • Create a team-building plan to promote collaboration and cohesiveness among organizational members.
  • Identify cultural differences within organizations and develop strategies to enhance understanding and cooperation.
  • Develop a plan for engaging and leading remote teams that promotes collaboration, productivity, and cohesiveness.
  • Identify strategies for effectively managing conflict and disagreements in teams by engaging in case study analysis.

Here to Help

Laura Costa dos Santos

Laura Costa dos Santos, program advisor in the Scripps College of Communication, can assist you with the application process. You can reach out to Laura any time with questions. We look forward to hearing from you!