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Route and Submit Proposal

The review and approval of a proposal generally involves consideration of its quality, fiscal requirements, and compliance with university and sponsor policies and regulations. Quality review is limited to basic quality control, i.e., assurance that the proposal meets the basic requirements of the sponsor guidelines. ORSP checks budgets for adherence to sponsor guidelines and university policy. 

ORSP carefully reviews for commitment of university resources, whether those resources are the time and effort of the investigator or other forms of cost sharing, such as space. ORSP reviews proposals to assure compliance with agency and university policies. Prior to proposal submission, the PI will complete an electronic Transmittal Form (eTF) in LEO. To create an eTF, visit the LEO Transmittal System and click "Create a new transmittal". You can also create a new eTF using a previously approved eTF by clicking the template icon on the Approved forms list. The eTF routes to all the designated signatories for review. This includes the Department Chair, Center Director, and Dean, or their delegates for each faculty and staff listed on the transmittal form. The proposal will only be submitted to the sponsor when all designated signatories have approved the eTF. You can return to the LEO Transmittal System at any time to monitor your eTF through the process.