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Subaward Process

Including Subawards in Proposals

Subrecipient vs. Contract Determinations:

When external resources are necessary to complete a project, the PI/PD will identify the providing entity (when known), scope of work, cost, deliverables, etc. The PI/PD will refer to the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) online tools to determine if the procurement is a professional service, supply, or subaward and whether or not the procurement is subject to Finance Purchasing contracting guidelines. Software development services are subject to further evaluation by OIT prior to procurement, see OHIO technology review for more information.

Subaward Documentation Requirements:

Once subrecipients are identified, the PI or Sponsored Programs Manager will send the Ohio University Subrecipient Cover Letter to the Subrecipient.  The Subrecipient will need to provide all documents listed in the “subrecipient packet” described in the cover letter.

Subaward Vetting Process for Proposals:

The ORSP Subaward Manager (SM) will perform a preliminary check through Visual Compliance and SAM that the subrecipient listed in the proposal is authorized to receive funds.

The SPM (Sponsored Program Manager) is responsible for ensuring the Subrecipient provides all the necessary documents for inclusion in the proposal (see procedure B05.10 Budget Preparation – subrecipient costs for further instructions).

Subaward Issuance:

Following receipt of an award that includes a subaward, the SPM completes a Subaward Initiation Form and submits it to the Subaward Manager for processing.

The Subaward Manager assesses risk, drafts and negotiates the subaward in accordance with Procedure D11 Subaward Monitoring and Management.