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In order to provide more immediate service, we are pleased to announce we are moving to a team approach in proposal and award handling. Going forward, all College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health Sciences and Professions, College of Medicine, Regional Higher Education, and Voinovich School sponsored activities will be managed by the ORSP Green Team. All other divisions will be managed by the ORSP White Team. Members of each team as well as contact emails for each team are listed below. Faculty and staff may continue to contact their assigned managers directly for service, but ORSP encourages you to use your assigned team’s email as an efficient and effective way to manage your communications with the office.  Please watch for emails from these addresses as teams will be using these emails for all communications. Please use team emails instead of to more expediently assign work. 

Furthermore, all subaward activity will now be directed to  This will help isolate and expedite subaward processing and monitoring. 

ORSP Green Team

Stephanie Kearns
Kimberly Pratt
Kyle Sargent
Contact at

Serving the following units:

Arts and Sciences
Health Sciences and Professions
Regional Higher Education
Voinovich School


ORSP White Team

Michelle Allison
Jenny Whan
Open Position
Contact at

Serving the following units:

Business  Global Affairs
Central Accounting Graduate College
Communication and WOUB Honors Tutorial College
Diversity and Inclusion Information Technology
Education President
Engineering Provost
Division of Finance Research
Finance and Administration Student Affairs
Fine Arts University College
  University Communications and Marketing