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Proposal Submission Deadlines - B14.03


The purpose of this procedure is to establish an internal deadline for the submission of proposals. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is committed to assisting faculty when sufficient time is provided for a thorough review. The internal deadline allows ORSP to aid faculty during the proposal preparation and submission process.


This procedure applies to all sponsored projects subject to OU Policy 19.045 Administering External Grants and Contracts set up as separate accounts in the OHIO Financial Management System (FMS).


Upon receipt of an Intent to Submit, the Sponsored Programs Manager (SPM) will confirm receipt and provide the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) a checklist/timeline for required documents, as indicated in the opportunity guidelines. It is imperative that this timeline be strictly adhered to ensure a timely review of the proposal.

All proposal documents must be received by the ORSP by 9:00 a.m. one business day prior to either the sponsor deadline or date the PI/PD intends to submit, whichever is earlier. The documents must be included in final form. If documents are not in final form, the proposal is considered late. If the proposal is being submitted through an online portal (e.g., Fastlane, Workspace, NSPIRES, etc.), all documents must be uploaded, and access granted to ORSP.

Proposals, where the PI/PD meets the internal deadline, will receive a review of the budget, budget justification, and all proposal documents in accordance with the sponsor’s guidelines and/or program solicitation. When a proposal is submitted earlier than the internal deadline, ORSP may also provide additional types of assistance, including initiating proposal in submission portal, making any needed revisions to non-technical proposal documents, revising the information or files already uploaded to a submission portal, liaise with external collaborators, etc. Proposals that meet the internal deadline will be given priority review over proposals that do not, and the level of additional assistance is dependent on the amount of time provided to ORSP.

Proposals that do not meet the internal deadline will be reviewed to the extent time allows and will not be given priority over proposals that adhered to the established procedure. If there is insufficient time for a complete review of the proposal, the PI/PD will be responsible for actions taken by the sponsor for non-compliance. Please note that most agencies do not allow late submissions due to online portal malfunctions. Also, there may be delays in accepting awards and/or establishing accounts resulting from late proposals.

Refer to Proposal Review and Approval Routing for requirements for completing the Electronic Routing Form (eTF). Note: Proposals will not be submitted to the sponsor without a fully approved eTF.

ORSP office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please plan to submit your proposal between these hours. The ORSP does not recognize sponsor deadlines that extend to past 5:00 p.m. ET, without prior agreement by the ORSP SPM.


Questions regarding this procedure can be sent to


There are no forms or templates for this procedure.

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OU Policy 19.045 Administering External Grants and Contracts

B01 – Intent to Submit

B14.06 – Proposal Review and Approval Routing

Email tag: Please be advised of ORSP’s one business day internal deadline for proposal submissions.  Proposals that do not meet this deadline may be submitted to the sponsor with limited to no review.  In such cases, the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) will be responsible for actions taken by the sponsor for non-compliance.  Also, there may be delays in accepting awards and establishing accounts resulting from these proposals.