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Cayuse Research Administration Software

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After a thorough review of electronic research administration systems, and feedback from faculty and staff, Cayuse was selected as OHIO’s next electronic Research Administration Software.  Cayuse is a global solution for empowering connected research, hosted by over 650 research organizations across the world. The decision to implement Cayuse demonstrates the commitment to supporting and facilitating research. To see a general overview of the Cayuse platform, please visit the Cayuse website.


Benefits of Cayuse

  • Centralized Dashboard - Landing page/dashboard for easy access to all systems available
  • Cloud-based Platform - SAAS (Software as a Service) system that is delivered, maintained, backed up, secured and upgraded by Cayuse
  • Modern Look and Feel: Modern user experience and efficient workflows for processing and tracking projects, proposals, awards, and subawards for sponsored projects
  • Integration with Oracle for HR information, account set-up and ultimately expense/balance information returned from Oracle to Cayuse

What is Next?

Ohio University will transition from LEO to Cayuse in a staggered approach.   Phase I will include Outside Interests, Sponsored Projects and Human Ethics.  Phase II will include Hazard Safety and Animal Oversight.  Phase II will be after all of Phase I is completed.

Implementation Timeline
Spring 2023

Contract signed with Cayuse. Phase I and Phase II Implementation Plan created. Development of Phase I - Sponsored Projects, Outside Interests and Human Ethics modules,

Summer/Fall 2023 Focus groups invited to begin testing Sponsored Projects, Outside Interests and Human Ethics modules. Continued progress in form building for Sponsored Projects and Human Ethics modules.
Spring 2024 Roll out of Phase I - Sponsored Projects, Outside Interests and Human Ethics modules. Development of Phase II - Hazard Safety and Animal Oversight modules.
Summer 2024 Focus groups to begin testing Hazard Safety and Animal Oversight modules. Continued progress in form building for Hazard Safety and Animal Oversight modules. 
Fall 2024 Roll out of Phase II - Hazard Safety and Animal Oversight modules. 

How Can I Stay Informed

There are and will be a number of opportunities to stay informed of the progress toward Cayuse implementation.  Keeping an eye on this website will help.  Updated information will be added as it becomes available. 

In addition, notices in Ohio News and Business Matters as well as email messages to the ORSP Info email list.  Join ORSP’s E-Mail Distribution List to receive these updates.

Learn About The Modules

  • Sponsored Projects

    Cayuse ‘Sponsored Projects’ will replace the LEO Service Center, Transmittal, and Award Processes.  This module will be used by faculty and administrators to create proposals, route them for approval, follow them through the award process and ultimately receive an account number for spending.

  • Outside Interests

    Cayuse 'Outside Interests' will replace the LEO 'Conflict of Interest' module.  This module will be used by those listed as an Investigator in the Cayuse Proposal form and anyone currently listed as an Investigator on an externally funded Sponsored Project in order to disclose financial conflicts of interest and conflict of commitment. 

  • Human Ethics

    Cayuse ‘Human Ethics’ will replace the LEO ‘IRB Application’ module.  This module will be used by faculty, staff and students who conduct research with human subjects.  This is how a submission will be routed to the Institutional Review Boards for review.

  • Animal Oversight

    Cayuse ‘Animal Oversight’ will replace the LEO ‘IACUC Application’ module.  This module will be used by faculty and staff who conduct research or teaching with live vertebrate animals.  This is how a submission will be routed to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for review. 

  • Hazard Safety

    Cayuse ‘Hazard Safety’ will replace the paper/PDF application routing process for those who work with biohazardous agents. This module will be used to route a submission to the Institutional Biosafety Committee for review.  This module will also have some connectivity to ‘Animal Oversight’.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Please share your questions regarding the new eRA system. We will use these to create and regularly update our FAQs on the website.

Submit Cayuse Questions


Who do I contact regarding Cayuse?

If you would like to contact someone regarding Cayuse, please email

Will my information be transferred to the new system?

Legacy data will be incorporated into the Sponsored Projects module.  All pending proposals (from any year) and disapproved proposals from FY 2021, 2022, and 2023 will be incorporated to assist with proposal reporting purposes.  Sponsored Projects will include all active awards and awards that were active in FY 2021, 2022, and 2023.  Projects currently active that were active prior to FY 2021 will have summary data for the years prior to FY 2021 included.  We will not transfer COI disclosures or IRB studies.

Why did we select Cayuse?

Ohio University issued an RFP in late spring 2022 for an integrated electronic Research Administration system.  Multiple responses were reviewed, demonstrations and interviews held, and Cayuse was selected as the system most able to meet our needs.  They have modules that cover Outside Interests, Sponsored Projects, Human Ethics, Hazard Safety, Animal Oversight, Vivarium Operations and Vet Care.  

What type of training will be available?

The Division of Research is committed to provide comprehensive support and training for faculty, students and staff during this transition. Training resources will be made available for each module in advance of the transition. We are dedicated to making this switch as smooth as possible. 

How will I log in?

All Ohio employees will use their Ohio username and password to log in to Cayuse.  Guest accounts for those needing access that are not OU employees (students, IRB community members, etc.) can be created as needed. 

When can I log in?

The Division of Research will send multiple notices via various methods so everyone is aware of the timeline for use of Cayuse.  Please watch our webpage, Ohio News, and other venues for information.