Ohio University

Subaward Process

Subrecipient and Contractor Determinations

Ohio University will make case-by-case determinations whether each agreement it makes for the disbursement of Federal program funds casts the party receiving the funds in the role of a subrecipient or a contractor. Furthermore, Ohio University will follow subrecipient monitoring requirements as outlined in OMB 2 CFR 200.330 - 332, SUBRECIPIENT MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT.

Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

Ohio University uses the FDP subaward templates and Forms to expedite and streamline federal subaward review. The templates are considered an ongoing FDP demonstration. FDP workgroups monitor federal developments and make necessary updates.The templates are not meant to be edited.

Subaward Agreement Setup

Ohio University's Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) will process receipt of a prime award and request an account from Grants Accounting.

Once ORSP assembles all applicable documents, and makes necessary cross checks for eligibility of the subaward recipient to receive an award, a subaward agreement is written and sent to the subaward recipient for review and signature. The subaward agreement will define the terms and conditions with which the subrecipient will abide. It will also include necessary flow down clauses as required by the prime award agreement; a copy of which will be included in the sub-award agreement.

Funds will be encumbered against the account at the point of acceptance and signature of the subaward by the subrecipient's institutional official, and final signature by Ohio University's institutional official. At that time, a purchase order will be requested.

Ohio University's Purchasing Office will prepare a purchase order which will be sent directly to the subrecipient and also e-mailed to ORSP.

The subrecipient may now begin their effort on the project.


The subrecipient will mail invoices to the PI and ORSP as detailed in the subaward agreement. Payment may be withheld until receipt of cost-share documentation - which aligns with the approved subaward recipient's budget. The sub-recipient retains all documentation of expenses and a detailed invoice is required by Ohio University. The Principal Investigator (PI) will review and (a) contact the subrecipient with questions; and/or, (b) process for payment (by writing "Okay to Pay" and signing and dating the invoice.

Before approving an invoice for payment, the PI is responsible for ensuring the subrecipient has:

  • met the expectations outlined in the subaward agreement's scope of work and budget;
  • submitted required technical reports; and
  • submitted sufficient cost-sharing statements (if applicable).

Technical reports must be submitted in accordance with the subaward agreement and submitted to the PI for approval. The PI retains these reports as support documentation for his/her project.


Should the subaward recipient request changes be made to the original subaward agreement or purchase order, ORSP will review prime award terms and conditions for allowance and obtain PI's approval of requested changes, and seek permission from the prime sponsor (if required). Once all details are managed, ORSP will issue an amendment or modification to address those aspects of the agreement and related materials which need to change.


Upon completion of the subaward agreement, the subaward recipient must follow the closeout procedures defined in the subaward agreement. The final invoice and closeout documents must be sent to ORSP. Final payment may be withheld until receipt of reports, cost-share documentation and/or closeout documentation. Grants and Contracts Accounting will process the final invoice for payment and de-encumber any remaining funds. Approval of the final invoice by the PI will serve as ORSP's approval to completely close out the sub-award agreement.

If you need further assistance, contact the ORSP Service Center at orsp@ohio.edu or 740.597.ORSP (6777).