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Data Management, Sharing, and Security

Data management, sharing and security have risen to higher levels of scrutiny in recent years. Federal agencies and sponsors have or are developing specific requirements for data management and data sharing plans along with data security plans at the time of proposal or just-in-time. Research data security is critical and impacts decisions made regarding management and sharing. Below is information to assist you in developing data management plans for your research. 

Please contact the OHIO Libraries and OHIO Office of Information Technology (OIT) early in the proposal development process to ensure the development of plans that will serve your research well.

Data Management

University Libraries’ Research Data Management Guide – An introduction to data management issues and tools for further learning and exploration, including data management plans, metadata, and open data, and data repositories.

Data Management Plan Tool (DMP Tool) – A free online tool which uses a click-through wizard and funder-based templates to guide you in creating a DMP that complies with specific funder requirements.

Data Sharing

NIH will begin requiring data sharing plans on January 25, 2023.  It is expected that other federal agencies will soon follow.  PIs will need to outline how scientific data and any accompanying metadata will be managed and shared, taking into account any potential restrictions or limitations. 

NIH Scientific Data Sharing Page

12 Days of Data Management and Sharing Tips & Resources

NOT-OD-22-189: Implementation Details for the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

Supplement:  PREVIEW:  Data Management and Sharing Plan Format Page

NOT-OD-21-013: The Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing\ Supplement: Elements of an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan

NOT-OD-21-014: Elements of an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan

NOT-OD-21-015: Allowable Costs for Data Management and Sharing

NOT-OD-21-016: Selecting a Repository for Data Resulting from NIH-Supported Research

NIH Institute and Center Data Sharing Policies

Sample Plans

Data Security

  • To best understand considerations for Data Security practices for research, begin by reviewing the Information Security Office’s Data Security Guidelines for Research
  • When dealing with sensitive data be sure to review the Information Security Office’s webpage on Sensitive Data:  Defining and Classifying to be sure you are properly classifying the sensitivity of your research data.
    • It is also important to ensure that you are utilizing the appropriate university tools to store your data based on its sensitivity. The Storing Data by Type page allows you to search the acceptable storage location for your research data based on the category of data. Alternately, the Storing Data by Solution page allows you to search the acceptable data types that can be stored within a given enterprise wide IT solution such as Qualtrics, REDCap etc.
    • When dealing with HIPAA data be sure to reference the webpage HIPAA at Ohio University. If you are unsure if the data you are dealing with is HIPAA data please reference the resource titled “Determining the Applicability of HIPAA when Performing Research” found under the Resources for Researches heading on this page.