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Proposal Development Training

October 19, 2020

Virtual NEH Writing Workshops (two one-hour sessions)

Overview of NEH Programs and Initiatives (Session provides an overview of NEH programs and initiatives)

NEH Writing Workshop - Writing Tips and Strategies (Session covers tips and strategies for preparing quality applications and addressing the NEH review criteria)

Presenter: Deborah Hurtt, Senior Program Officer, received her Ph.D. in architectural history from the University of Virginia. Supported by several awards and fellowships, including an NEH Seminar, her research focuses on the rhetorical function of architecture and on the tensions between modernity and tradition during the rise of architecture’s Modern Movement. Concentrating on the architecture of interwar France, her dissertation and publications have focused on how these issues, as illustrated by competing architectural movements, came to define the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. Dr. Hurtt has taught widely in all areas of architectural history at both the Universities of Oregon and Virginia. Her work and interests bridge multiple disciplines as well as the academic, creative, and professional worlds.


March 23, 2022

Research Development Lunch & Learn: Introduction to Data Management

Presenter: Hanna Schmillen, Head of Subject Liaison Services, Library

Whatever research you are doing, chances are, you’re working with research data. NIH, NSF, NEH, IES and many other research funding agencies require plans for data management and public access as part of the research proposal. This virtual Lunch & Learn session sponsored by the Office of Research and the University Libraries will cover the foundational elements of these data management plans (DMPs) and common tools available.

Objectives: Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Understanding the major questions DMPs should answer
  • Locating and using selected online DMP tools to develop generic or agency specific DMPs
  • Nature of data repositories. Finding and selecting some options