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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides a guide to procedures for research administration. This area is currently under construction.

  Creation and Approval of Research Administration Procedures  
A Identification of Funding Opportunities  
A01 How to Use PIVOT  
A02 Internal Funding  
A03 Distribute Funding Opportunity Information  
A04 Sponsored Project Activity Types  
A05 Eligibility - Institutional and Principal Investigator  
A06 Gift vs. Sponsored Award  
A07 Limited Submissions  
A08 Confirm That Proposal Is In-Line with Departmental and Institutional Mission  
A09 Proposal Writing Schedule Checklist  
A10 Reserved  
A11 Departmental Research  
B Proposal Preparation and Submission  
B01 Intent to Submit  
B02 Pre-proposals  
B03 Guideline Interpretation   
B04 Technology Transfer  
B05 Budget Preparation  
B05.01 Budget - Salaries and Wages  
B05.02 Budget - Compensation - Fringe Benefits  

Budget - Equipment and Other Capital Expenditures


B05.04 Budget - Indirect Costs  
B05.05 Budget - Maintenance and Repair Costs  
B05.06 Budget - Materials and Supplies Costs, Including Costs of Computing Devices  
B05.07 Budget - Memberships, Subscriptions, and Professional Activity Costs  
B05.08 Budget - Participant Support Costs  
B05.09 Budget - Pre-award costs  
B05.10 Budget - Subrecipient Costs  
B05.11 Budget - Professional Service Costs  
B05.12 Budget - Scholarships and student aid costs  
B05.13 Budget - Specialized service facilities  
B05.14 Budget - Training and education costs  
B05.15 Budget - Transportation costs  
B05.16 Budget - Travel costs  
B05.17 Budget - Direct Charge Administrative and Clerical Costs  
B05.18 Budget - Human Subjects Payments  
B05.19 Budget - Student Compensation  
B06 Cost Sharing or Matching  
B07 Research Incentive (RI) Distribution  
B08 Space - Coordinate, assign and approve requests  
B09 Identify Research Compliance Issues (IRB, IACUC, COI, etc.)  
B10 Verify Research Compliance adherence  
B11 Fixed Price Agreements  
B12 Reserved  
B13 Reserved  
B14 Proposal Preparation  
B14.01 Proposal - Prepare technical proposal  
B14.02 Proposal - Secure Provost and/or VPFA signature on other attachments as specified in the proposal guidelines  
B14.03 Proposal - Proposal Submission Deadlines  
B14.04 Proposal - Technology Transfer  
B14.05 Proposal - Review proposal packet for completeness and accuracy prior to routing for internal approvals  
B14.06 Proposal - Proposal Review and Approval Routing  
B14.07 Proposal - Signature Authority  
B15 Reporting Other Support  
C Pre-Award/Post-Submission  
C01 Review and Negotiate Sponsored Agreements  
C02 Maintain proposal pending files and database  
C03 Departmental Guarantee Memorandum (DGM)  
C04 Prepare sponsor required just-in-time documents  
D Regulatory Environment  
D01 Human Subjects Research/IRB  
D02 Animal Subjects Research/IACUC  
D03 Conflict of Interest (COI)  
D04 Representations and Certifications   
D05 Biannual Compliance Notifications  
D06 Responsible Conduct of Research  
D07 CITI Training  
D08 Facility Security  
D10 Research Data Management, Sharing, and Security  
D10.01 Export Control  
D10.02 Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)  
D10.03 Research Data Management Plan  
D10.04 Research Data Sharing Plans  
D11 Subaward Monitoring and Management  
D12 Suspension and Debarment  
E Award Negotiation, Acceptance, and Account Establishment  
E01 Award - Acceptance and Negotiation  
E02 Award - Special Terms and Conditions  
E03 Award - Agree to terms and conditions regarding performance clauses  
E04 Request PTA Account Setup  
E05 Establish PTA account in oracle  
E06 Award - Send copy of Award Letter (i.e. Notice of Award) to PI and appropriate unit support (e.g. Business Unit Manager or CFAO) from Leo  
E07 Research Incentive (RI) Distribution - New Account  
E08 Provide documentation of certifications of approvals to sponsors  
E09 Sponsored Project Agreement Types  
E10 Reserved  
E11 Approve and or negotiate exceptional contract terms and conditions outside of standard practice  
E12 Award - Budget revision and change of scope due to funding reduction from proposal to Award (document for cost share implications)  
F Audits  
F01 Internal Audit  
F02 External Audit  
G Managing the Award - Financial  
G01 Financial Management of Sponsored Programs - Purchasing Restrictions/Guidelines, Cost Allowability, Cost Transfers  
G02 Cost Allowability  
G03 Cost Transfer - Guidance  
G04 Personnel - Assignment Costing  
G05 Services agreements  
G06 Research human subject payments  
G07 Cost share documentation  
G08 Cost share review and reporting to sponsor  
G09 Expenditures - Review expenditures in restricted budget categories  
G10 Indirect costs rate negotiation  
G11 Recharge/Service Centers  
H Managing the Award - Non-Financial  
H01 Conduct the sponsored project and provide overall oversight on all research activities  
H02 Reconcile expenditures to budget/revenue monthly  
H03 Personnel - Assign research personnel for the project  
H04 Personnel - Hire research personnel  
H05 Progress/Technical Reports  
H06 Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)  
H07 Provide oversight on the implementation of University, state and federal policies and regulations  
H08 Project changes requiring prior approval and expanded authority from the sponsor  
I Financial Reporting  
I01 Provide information for and prepare financial reports  
I02 Review and analyze financial reports to external sponsors  
I03 Provide interim financial reports to the sponsor  
J Closing Out the Award  
J01 Cost Share - Document costs sharing funds as required  
J02 Investigator Separation  
J03 Equipment disposition and/or transfer  
J04 Transfer residuals from fixed-price agreements  
J05 Closeout Checklist  
J06 Reports - Notify PI of the need for completion of final technical report  
J07 Reports - Prepare and submit final technical report to sponsor   
J08 Reports - Prepare and submit financial report and final invoice as required to sponsor  
J09 Inactivate grant account  
J10 File appropriate closeout documentation  
K Administrative Transactions  
K01 Budget Revision  
K02 Key Personnel Changes  
K03 Research Incentive (RI) Distribution - Distribution Change  
K04 Organizational Code Change  
K05 No Cost Extension  
K06 Stop Work Order