20.110: Student Employment




September 15, 2002

Initiated by:

Sondra Williams | Director of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

Reviewed by:

Nancy Prichard Crist | Chair, Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Gary North | Vice President for Administration

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp | Provost

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  1. Purpose

    To provide the faculty, staff and students of the University with policies and procedures for employing students and to ensure uniformity, fairness, and equity in the administration of the student employment programs.

  2. Policy

    Both students employed by the university and their supervisors should have access to and be familiar with the policies and procedures that govern the various student employment programs at Ohio University. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (OSFAS) and the Office of Graduate Studies, which maintain these policies and procedures, provide resources and a central source of administration for these student employment programs:

    1. The OSFAS will maintain detailed procedural information on-line, linked from https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_procedures.cfm.

    2. The Office of Graduate Studies will also maintain detailed procedural information related to graduate student employment and rights on-line, linked from https://www.ohio.edu/graduate/.

  3. Procedures

    1. Discrimination

      There shall be no discrimination against any individual in educational or employment opportunities because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability. For further information, see Policy 40.001, "Equal Employment and Educational Opportunity," and Policy 03.004, "Harassment."

    2. Types of Employment

      1. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides on-campus employment to graduate and undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. Specific application, awarding, and assignment procedures for FWS can be found on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_fws.cfm.

      2. The PACE program provides academically qualified students who are in need of earnings, the opportunity to earn money for college while gaining valuable career-oriented work experience. Specific procedural information on submitting PACE proposals and applying to participate in the program can be found on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_pace.cfm.

      3. Centralized Student Employment provides both on and off-campus employment to students regardless of their financial situation. Specific procedural information for posting and applying for CSES positions can be found on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/hr/jobs/student-employment.

      4. Graduate student employment issues are addressed in other policies, as well, including:

        1. The Faculty Handbook, section on the Graduate Council

        2. Policy 20.109, "Employment of Graduate Students on Graduate Associate Contracts"

        3. Policy 28.102, "Graduate Student Contract Grievance Board"

    3. Eligibility for Student Employment

      Students must meet certain eligibility requirements prescribed either by the funding organization of the program or university policy. These eligibility requirement are further specified on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_elig.cfm.

    4. Payroll Forms and Procedures

      Once a student has been hired for a student employment position, the student and supervisor (or other departmental designee) must complete the appropriate payroll forms, which are available from the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. More specific information on necessary payroll documentation can be found on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_payr.cfm.

    5. Compensation and Benefits

      Students will be paid in accordance with the policies governing each program and will be compensated in as equitable a manner as possible. The complete policy relating to compensation can be found on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_comp.cfm.

    6. Job Orientation and Training

      The responsibility for training new students falls upon their employer. While employers will typically offer students orientation regarding the policies of their new position, students are always responsible for abiding by general University policies. Specific information on orientation and student's responsibilities can be found on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_orie.cfm.

    7. Work Performance Evaluation

      The student employee is entitled to at least one work performance evaluation per year. The purpose of this evaluation is to document current job performance and to indicate future employment potential. On occasion, the evaluation may be used to justify a pay increase or to document a problem. Further policy information on evaluation procedure and retention is available on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_eval.cfm.

    8. Resignation

      If it is necessary to resign, the student employee should give the department as much written notice as possible (preferably at least two weeks notice). Either the student or the department should notify the OSFAS when a Work-Study or PACE student employee resigns.

    9. Discipline Process or Termination

      It is the responsibility of the supervisor to bring any dissatisfaction with a student's job performance to his or her attention. The specific policy regarding disciplinary processes can be viewed on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_disc.cfm.

    10. Appealing Disciplinary Action or Termination

      If a student is disciplined or discharged from a department, the student has the right to appeal in accordance with the procedure located on-line at https://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/employment/emp_proc_appe.cfm.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Associate Provost for Graduate Studies