20.109: Employment of Graduate Students Employed on Graduate Associate Contracts




February 1, 1995

Approved by:

Issued by T.L. Chesnut

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  1. Purpose

    To regularize practice on employment of graduate students on Graduate Associate contracts.

  2. Policy

    Generally, graduate students employed on Graduate Associate contracts shall not receive remuneration from departments of the University other than the department from which the student holds the contract. The Dean of the College may make exceptions to this policy upon the request of the department or graduate student.

  3. Procedure

    Ohio University budget units planning to employ graduate associates shall ascertain whether the student has a Graduate Associate contract. If a Graduate Associate contract is in force, the student should not be given other Ohio University employment without prior approval by the Dean of his/her college. The Graduate Associate contract specifically limits other employment of the student at Ohio University unless the Dean makes an exception to the policy. Exceptions will generally be made for minor additional employment of an intermittent nature.

    The Dean of the College shall report to the Controller's office all exceptions to this policy. The Controller's Office shall report to the Dean of the College any exceptions to the policy for which it has not received approval from the Dean.