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Canvas Resources for Students

Canvas is a modern, accessible, and intuitive learning management system that meets the evolving demands of today's educational landscape. It enables students to engage with their coursework, instructors, and peers in an interactive and efficient way.

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Find Your Courses

Colleges are migrating to Canvas in phases, with your positive experience as a student being the top priority. You may have classes in both Canvas and Blackboard for the next few semesters. Your classes will appear in either system two weeks before the course start date. To find where your courses will be taught:

  1. Review your syllabus and look for communication from your instructor with instructions about which system to leverage for your class.
  2. Log in to Canvas at (Bookmark this link so it’s easy for you to find in the future!) If your courses appear on the Dashboard page or in the “Courses” tab in the left navigation menu, they’ll be taught in Canvas.
  3. If you can’t see your course in Canvas, visit Please remember that your instructor will open your course in Blackboard if this is the system of choice for your class.  
  4. If you can’t locate your course, please contact your instructor for further information.  


Why do I see some of my courses in both Blackboard and Canvas?

Because the University is migrating to Canvas in a phased approach, some of your courses will be taught in Canvas while others will be taught in Blackboard for the next few semesters. To find where your courses will be taught:

  1. Log in to Canvas at Look for your courses on your Dashboard page or in the "Courses" tab in the left navigation menu.
  2. If you do not see your course, log in to Blackboard at Navigate to your "Courses" tab in the left navigation menu. Blackboard will populate every course you’re currently enrolled in but the courses will appear locked until your instructor makes them available to you. 
    1. If the courses are locked, select “More Info” to see if your instructor provided additional information about which tools your course will be using.
    2. If the courses are open, you’ll likely be using Blackboard.
    3. Tip: Both Canvas and Blackboard can be accessed via the Go OHIO app.
  3. If you’re unsure which platform your course will use, please email your instructor. They can tell you where the course is being taught and when it will become available.  
When will my courses be taught in Canvas?

Academic colleges and departments are migrating to Canvas in a phased approach. A high-level timeline is available on the LMS Implementation website. For exact details about your course, please contact your instructor.

What type of support and training will Ohio University provide for students?

24/7 Support: Ohio University is proud to host 24/7 support through Canvas via phone, chat, and email to address questions and issues right inside Canvas. To access this support within Canvas, select "Get Help" from the left navigation menu. 

Student Self- Help Resources: Students can check out the Canvas knowledge base to view help articles for common issues. 

Why did Ohio University select Canvas as the future LMS?

The decision to transition to Canvas has been made after careful consideration of its many advantages and potential for enhancing teaching and learning experiences at Ohio University.

Further information about the selection process and its outcomes can be found in our Summary Report.

How long willI I have access to Blackboard?

Enrolled students will retain access to Blackboard through the upcoming semesters as it continues to be used by a variety of academic units. If there are assignments or other submissions you made to past classes you want to save, now is a good time to download items for storage outside of Blackboard. If you need assistance with saving past items from Blackboard, contact the OIT Help Desk. Blackboard will be retired and unavailable by Summer 2026. 

24/7 Canvas Help

If you find yourself needing help, remember that 24/7 support is available within Canvas at You can access help documentation and video tutorials through the blue question mark icon in the bottom right corner of any Canvas webpage. You can also chat with Canvas support or call the Canvas support hotline by selecting “Get Help” in the left navigation menu within Canvas. 

Get Canvas Updates in Go OHIO

Opt-in to the Canvas communication channel to receive push notifications and Go OHIO messages about important Canvas updates. You’ll also be the first to know about paid opportunities to provide feedback to our Canvas team!  

Reminder: Be sure your Go OHIO push notifications are turned on in your device settings. 

To opt-in:

  1. Open the Go OHIO app on your mobile device
  2. Select Messages in the bottom menu
  3. In the upper right corner, select Opt-in channels
  4. Select the plus icon next to the Canvas Updates channel

Canvas Self-Guided Training

Passport to Canvas, a self-guided student orientation course, covers all the basics of navigating Canvas. It’s a great way to get your bearings in this new system, and we recommend all students enroll in the training. 

We Want to Hear From You!

As we continue to enhance the Canvas experience, gathering your insights is essential. Your feedback is crucial to our improvement efforts as the University migrates to Canvas in a phased approach.

As you use Canvas for your courses, we encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions, whether they are positive or negative. Please feel free to use the anonymous feedback form below at any time to provide your feedback. We are eager to hear from you and make necessary adjustments based on your input.

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