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Graphic Design Major (B.F.A.)

Program Overview

All students pursuing this degree enter the School of Art + Design as Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Studio Art majors and share common requirements in general academics, studio foundations, and art history.  B.F.A. major in graphic design, students must first complete the Foundations Program, take four 2000-level studio art courses, and submit a portfolio of studio work for review, usually at the end of the sophomore year.

The Graphic Design area at Ohio University places emphasis on providing an understanding of the designer's personal and social responsibility, developing the student's capacity for critical thinking, and stimulating imagination and innovation. Understanding graphic design within a cultural context is an essential component of a designer's education.

In the School of Art + Design, students in the Graphic Design area accomplish visual research in printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and photography while studying in their design studio classes. Studio classes, inside and outside the Graphic Design program, as well as liberal arts courses, prepare students for an immediate goal, the design practice, and a long term goal, continuing intellectual, personal, and creative growth.

Admissions Information

Students must submit a portfolio application to the Graphic Design area, after completing the following coursework: the Foundations Program; ART 2510  and ART 2520 ; and two, additional 2000-level studio courses. This is usually during the spring term of a student's sophomore year. The Graphic Design area holds an information session to assist students in preparing their portfolio.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Many graduating designers secure positions within top design firms nationally and internationally. Through the rigor of their academic studies and practical training, graduating designers are prepared also to enter advanced degree programs.

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog provides additional information about curriculum and courses for this major.
Academic Catalog

Program Details

Bachelor of Fine Arts


College of Fine Arts 
School of Art + Design 
Seigfred Hall 528
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.4290

Administrative Contact

Mark Franz, Associate Professor, Graphic Design