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Associate of Technical Study (A.T.S.)

Program Overview

The A.T.S. degree is designed to create an individualized, technical associate program using planned or previously earned technical coursework. The A.T.S. is available to students registered through the Chillicothe, Lancaster, and Southern campuses.

There are two types of A.T.S. degrees, Type A and Type B.  Major code AS5513 applies to Type A.  A Type A A.T.S. is a coherent combination of technical courses selectively drawn from two or more programs currently offered by Ohio University to serve a career objective which would not be adequately addressed by one of those existing programs. Students are building their program primarily from Ohio University courses and generally have not earned credit as specified in the Ohio Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)².  Students may plan a course of study consisting of 30 technical credits by selecting available technical courses from at least two areas. When combined, these courses must be aligned to meet a clearly identifiable career objective. Additionally, the career objective must be distinct from any other technical programs offered at Ohio University. Transfer courses received may also be applicable to the career objective. Use of transfer credit would depend on appropriateness to the career objective, as approved by the Technical Study Review Committee.

An A.T.S. Academic Advisor on your campus can assist you as you create your A.T.S. application.

A Type B A.T.S. is designed for students that have completed an approved Ohio Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)² program at a career, vocational, or continuing education center in Ohio.  Students completing an approved (CT)2 program would receive transfer credit according to the Ohio Career-Technical Credit Transfer Guidelines. This credit would then apply toward the technical (major) requirements of the A.T.S. degree.  Students should contact the college office if possessing Career Technical Credit and are interested in completing an A.T.S. focused on:

  • Associate of Technical Study in Building and Industrial Technology
  • Associate of Technical Study in Business Technology
  • Associate of Technical Study in Health and Allied Health Technology
  • Associate of Technical Study in Information Technology
  • Associate of Technical Study in Services Technology

Admissions Information

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

To enter the Associate of Technical Studies program, an application is required to gain admission to Ohio University. Additionally, a technical study proposal/A.T.S. application is necessary to gain admission to the A.T.S. program. Students may obtain access to the A.T.S. application from University College, regional campus, or e-Learning advisors, who will advise the student in designing their Technical Concentration. Applicants must also work with an approved A.T.S. faculty partner and possibly other faculty reviewers with expertise in one or more areas of study in the proposed program and will assist in suggesting courses when preparing the application. The A.T.S. application deadlines for a student proposal to be reviewed by the Technical Study Review Committee are as follows for SY21-22: October 15, 2021 for fall semester 2021, February 15, 2022 for spring semester 2022, and August 1, 2022 for summer term 2022.

Credit Hour Residency at Ohio University

On May 4, 2020, the Ohio University Board of Trustees exempted the A.T.S. programs from requiring major residency due to the nature of the program.  

Change of Program Policy

To submit an application for admission to the program, you must currently be registered as a degree-seeking student. To graduate with an Associate of Technical Studies degree, you must:

  • Earn 60 hours.
  • Earn at least 30 hours after admission to the A.T.S. program (degree residency requirement).
  • Complete University freshman-level requirements in written communication, quantitative reasoning skills, and general education.
  • Complete an approved area of concentration, consisting of at least 30 hours, which has coherence and educational purpose equivalent to an established degree program. 
  • Earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the area of concentration and overall to earn the degree.

External Transfer Admission

Students who transfer to Ohio University from another institution may apply to the Associate of Technical Study, following the procedure for application described above. 

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Because the curriculum plan in the Associate of Technical Study is unique to each student, depending on the student's educational and career goals, potential opportunities upon graduation vary with the student.

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog provides additional information about curriculum and courses for this major.
Academic Catalog

Program Details

Associate of Technical Study


University College
Department of Applied Sciences and Professions
Chubb Hall 140
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.1935
Fax: 740.593.0206

Administrative Contact

Julie Cohara, Director of Degree Programs