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Equine Studies
“Getting my Equine Studies degree from OHIO Southern helped provide me with the knowledge and experience to operate my own successful riding program right after graduation!”

-Jaclyn Eisenschmidt, 2018 Equine Studies Graduate

Equine Studies

The Associate in Applied Science in Equine Studies program offers students the convenience of online courses and the flexibility of tailoring their experiences to the areas of the equine industry they want to explore. The equine program offers core courses to form a solid foundation in the basics of equine studies. Students may then select from two tracks to specifically tailor the program to their needs and interests: Commercial Equine Business Management (CEBM) or Equine Studies.

The Commercial Equine Business Management track helps students develop equine business skills in the areas of leadership, law, non-profit development, employee relationships, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, business communications, facility management, and event management. Basic business skills are essential for a successful career in the equine industry, so the CEBM track includes computer, accounting, business, communications, and psychology courses.

The Equine Studies track focuses on student skill development in the areas of equine welfare, health and care, farm management, riding, riding instruction, equine assisted activities, and business. Concentrations of horses, disciplines, sport and recreation vary throughout regions of the world.

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98% OHIO Lancaster first-year students received financial aid in Fall 2021*

Equine Studies Courses

The equine studies major requires a minimum of 60 hours.


Sample Curriculum Schedule

General Education Requirements

  • COMS 1030 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking 
  • ENG 1510 - Writing and Rhetoric I 
  • MATH 1090 - Consumer Mathematics 
  • PSY 1010 - General Psychology 

Equine Studies Core Courses

  • EQU 1000 - Introduction to Equines 
  • EQU 2000 - Equine Industry Career and Leadership Development 
  • EQU 2020 - Equine Behavior and Welfare Issues 
  • EQU 2036 - Equine Management 

Track 1 - Commercial Equine Business Management Track

  • EQU 2033 - Introduction to Economics for the Equine Business Owner/Manager 
  • EQU 2034 - Equine Marketing 
  • EQU 2035 - The Modern Equine Industry and the Impact of Technology 
  • EQU 2037 - Equine Business Management 
  • EQU 2043 - Equine Event Management 
  • EQU 2082 - Development and Management of the Equine Non-profit Organization 
  • EQU 2083 - Equine Law 

General Education Requirements Unique to Commercial Equine Business Management

  • ATCH 1030 - Financial Accounting Procedures 
  • ATCH 1040 - Managerial Accounting Procedures 
  • BMT 1100 - Introduction to Management 
  • BMT 2500 - Practical Personnel Procedures 
  • CTCH 1250 - Introduction to Computers 

Commercial Equine Business Management Electives

Students are free to select elective coursework as needed to complete the minimum of 60 credit hours for the degree.

Track 2 - General Equine Studies

  • EQU 1010 - Basic Equine Health Care 
  • EQU 1030 - Practical Experience in Equine Facility Management I 

General Equine Studies Electives

Complete 34 credit hours from the three elective areas below:

Riding Instruction and Certification Electives

  • EQU 1060 - Introduction to Western Riding
  • EQU 1061 - Introduction to English Riding 
  • EQU 1062 - Equestrian Teaching Techniques 
  • EQU 2063 - Evaluating and Training Horses 

Equine Business, Law, and Management Electives

  • EQU 2033 - Introduction to Economics for the Equine Business Owner/Manager 
  • EQU 2034 - Equine Marketing 
  • EQU 2035 - The Modern Equine Industry and the Impact of Technology 
  • EQU 2036 - Equine Management 
  • EQU 2037 - Equine Business Management 

Elective Courses

  • EQU 1070 - Equine Nutrition 
  • EQU 2001 - Equine Evaluation and Judging 
  • EQU 2073 - Equine Reproduction 
  • EQU 2910 - Equine Internship 

    Potential Careers

    A study of the current equine industry reveals the following information provided by the American Horse Council:

    • The United States has 6.65 million horses.
    • The horse industry has an employment impact of 2.2 million jobs.
    • The industry has a $177 billion impact on the United States economy.



    Tuition and Fees

    The OHIO Guarantee takes the guesswork out of budgeting for college and provides a fixed rate table for tuition and most fees for four years (or 12 consecutive semesters). 

    Financial aid for undergraduate students (regardless of discipline) is available in the form of scholarships, grants and student loans. Visit our Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to learn more.


    West Virginia and Kentucky Residents

    Exploring the Southern or Eastern Campus? Residents of West Virginia can now qualify for in-state tuition. Kentucky residents in nearby counties can qualify for in-state tuition at OHIO Southern or Athens. Access the resources of a large, public university at an affordable, regional campus rate.


    Learning Environment

    By enrolling online, students are increasing their technology skills and meeting the needs of the ever-expanding equine industry. In recent years, the equine industry has embraced technology in the areas of equipment development, pedigree and breeding tracking, barn management applications, advertising, equine sales and many more.

Program Admission Requirements

First-Year Students

Anyone who holds a high school diploma or has a GED certificate is eligible for admission to any Ohio University regional campus. Regional campuses have a rolling admissions policy which means that students may be admitted anytime during the year. Applicants will be accepted until class begins each semester. However, prospective students are advised to begin the application process as soon as possible so that they may be given important dates and deadlines in a timely manner. Freshmen applicants are encouraged to complete an online application for enrollment.

Transfer Students

You are a transfer applicant if you have completed nine or more semester (12 quarter) hours at another institution after you graduated from high school. If you have completed fewer than nine semester hours, you will apply as a freshman applicant. To apply as a transfer student, applicants are encouraged to complete an online application for enrollment.


Becca Von Eiff, Spring 2022 Graduate

“I have been involved in the equine industry for the past 12 years and was looking for a degree to further educate myself. I researched and came across this equine studies course. What and made this program possible was its online format. I am a working student and this course made it possible to fulfill a dream of learning more and continue working in the equine field.”

Becca Von Eiff stands with a horse in a green field

Accreditation Information

The Equine Studies Program is a member of: Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International and Certified Horsemanship Association, and International Higher Education.

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