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OULN Instructor Information

Ohio University - Lancaster

The Lancaster Information & Technology Services staff provides an overview, technical support and student operators for the Ohio University Learning Network (OULN) classrooms on the Lancaster campus. These classrooms are used to link our campus to the other regional campuses, as well the Athens campus, to offer a wide range of classes taught by faculty across the Ohio University system.  

Ohio University - Lancaster
OULN Operations Coordinator
T: 740.681.3703

Download a copy of the OULN Cisco instruction guide [PDF] to help the instructors and operators understand the basic setup and controls for the OULN rooms.

If there are connection issues with the OULN system, or an operator is not present, please call the Lancaster Help Desk at 740.681.3703 or the Athens OULN Help Desk at 740.597.2934.

At any time, the Athens OULN or the Lancaster Help Desk Staff may be away from their offices, either expectedly or unexpectedly. After an appropriate amount of time, if you do not receive a response from the staff member, please call one of the OUL campus contacts listed on the OULN contacts page, or please attempt to reach the Lancaster contact again.

OULN Course Material Planning

If your course requires the distribution of handouts, quizzes and/or tests, you will soon realize that distributing this paperwork to the other regional campuses, and offering makeup test or exams, are the only major differences between teaching in a traditional classroom on your campus and teaching in a distance learning environment. With proper planning and adequate time management, the gap created by the physical distance between you and your students can easily be bridged.


With regard to exams and quizzes, instructors are responsible for preparing course material for their home campus students.  For other campuses, OULN operators will distribute, collect and return testing materials to the faculty support staff (Amber Landis and/or Heidi West - see contact information below).  OULN operators can not/will not proctor exams & quizzes. The proctoring of exams for all campuses is the responsibility of the instructor or a designee on the home campus.

Blackboard Course Site

All of your course documents and tests can be posted to your course site, as an alternative to having materials physically duplicated, and tests physically administered in the OULN classroom. The Ohio University Office of Information Technology Service Desk 740.593.1222 is available to answer questions about BlackBoard, and the BlackBoard website offers many self-help guides.

When sending any/all materials to Ohio University – Lancaster for duplication and/or distribution to your OULN class (24 hour notice needed), please email materials including detailed instructions to the Lancaster Faculty Secretaries (Email):

T: 740.681.3345 (Amber Landis) or T: 740.681.3346 (Heidi West)
F: 740.681.3398

A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed to process duplication requests. When sending your materials to Ohio University - Lancaster, please provide detailed instructions regarding your materials including:

  • The OULN course number.
  • The day & time the class meets.
  • The day & time the materials are to be distributed.
  • Number of copies to be made.
  • Instruction as to whether copies should be single/double sided, color or black/white, stapled or hole punched.
  • For tests & quizzes, please specify:
  • Materials to be provided to the student, i.e. Blue Book, Scantron etc..
  • Materials allowed while testing, i.e. books, calculators, notes, etc.
  • How completed tests are to be returned to the instructor.
    • If you want the completed exams scanned to email (please include return email address).
    • If you want the completed exams sent by U.S. Mail (please include complete return mailing address).
    • NOTE: Overnight mail & UPS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

For other materials, if you can't email items, such as text books, binders, etc., mail to the below Lancaster campus address for distribution to your OULN class(es):

Ohio University – Lancaster Campus
Attn: Faculty Secretaries
1570 Granville Pike
Lancaster, OH 43130

Please provide class specific information with your materials.  All materials provided to the faculty secretaries will be given to the OULN classroom operator for distribution to your class as per your written instructions.

Testing Center

When a student enrolled in an OULN class needs to make up or retake an exam, the Testing Center can help. The Ohio University - Lancaster Testing Center is dedicated to upholding high standards of test security and academic integrity.  They are committed to providing exceptional, accessible, and comprehensive testing programs for Ohio University and the community. All tests are administered under standardized conditions that are efficient, fair, and secure. The TC room, equipment, and persons there-in are monitored at all times.


All testers are required to schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance, present a photo ID upon arrival, and complete their exam by closing time. (Students are solely responsible for scheduling their appointments appropriately in order to receive the maximum time available for testing.) Please see our Lancaster Testing Center webpage for our hours of operation, student guidelines, and a link to schedule a test. For specific questions regarding the testing center, please contact:

Lancaster Testing Center
T: 740.681.3362
F: 740.681-3398

For OULN purposes, the Testing Center provides exam proctoring to allow students to complete make-up exams and for students requiring accommodations. The TC does not provide proctors for in-classroom exams or full class exams.

To request services for make-up exams for OULN students or students requiring accommodations, please complete the digital Instructor Form available on the testing center webpage. Send an email to the testing center and attach the instructions and a digital copy of the test(s) to be proctored. Please specify in the email any instructions concerning the test, i.e. items that the student can use during testing, etc. Also provide how you want the completed exam returned.

If suspicious activity is observed, an incident report will be sent to the instructor via email; or if the center experiences abnormal testing situations, such as loss of power at the campus, etc. the instructor will be notified.  Instances in which academic misconduct is alleged, the instructor is responsible for determining disciplinary measures such as imposing grade penalties, escalating the matter to judicial referral, etc.


The Hannah V. McCauley Library provides a space for course reserves. Course reserves can be textbooks, books, DVDs, articles, and even models of the brain.  Reserve items can be restricted to in-library use or a professor may choose to allow a one- or seven-day loan.  Professors are encouraged to provide the reserve material for the library to use; the material will be returned to the professor when it is no longer needed on reserve.  If the professor is unable to supply the material, please contact the library staff to request a purchase for reserves.  For specific questions regarding the Hannah V. McCauley Library or to place an item on reserve, please contact Judy Carey Nevin ( Phone: 740.681.3351

Copyright and Fair Use

Materials for use in OULN classes must meet the same copyright and fair use criteria as any other course.  See the guide for faculty for information about copyright and fair use.