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Tuition and Fees

Official Posting of Tuition and Fees

Current Tuition and Fees

Verify with your academic program or graduate chair if you are unsure if your program has regional or differential tuition.

Health Insurance

All students enrolled in Athens campus credit hours are required to maintain an active health insurance policy. Students with qualifying outside plans may apply to waive Ohio University Health Insurance. Please read the above link regarding health insurance policies and guidelines for international students.

International Graduate Student Expenses

If you are an international applicant who is recommended for admission, you must submit the Financial Support Form to demonstrate proof of sufficient funds to study at Ohio University. Once you have submitted the Financial Support Form, you will then be issued a certificate of eligibility (I-20 or DS2019).

Details pertaining to the Financial Support Form, including information about assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships can be found on the Financial Support Form Instructions.

Deadlines for Submission of Financial Support Form

Financial (and academic) documents required to issue an Ohio University I-20/DS2019 are due by the following dates*:

  • Fall admission - May 15
  • Spring admission - October 15
  • Summer admission - January 31

*Subject to change without notice due to law or policy changes.

Graduate Recruitment Scholarship (GRS)

If you are awarded a GRS, you will receive a partial tuition scholarship along with a stipend, which has a work component. You will also be financially responsible for the remainder of your tuition, health insurance, general fee, network and technology fees, living costs, and miscellaneous expenses. The stipend will not cover all expenses you may incur.


If you are awarded a graduate assistantship, teaching assistantship, or research assistantship, then your graduate appointment consists of a tuition waiver (usually a full waiver but can be half or partial) along with a stipend, which has a work component. You are still financially responsible for health insurance, the general fee, network and technology fees, living costs, and miscellaneous expenses. The stipend will not cover all expenses you may incur.



3 Semesters (Only use for summer start and other cases where summer enrollment is mandatory in coming year)

2 Semesters (For standard fall and spring admits)

Instructional and General Fees (tuition)



Non-resident Surcharge



Books and Supplies



Room and Board



Personal Expenses






Health Insurance






The expenses above are estimates only and are subject to change.
Personal expenses may vary, and all amounts listed are estimates and/or suggestions for your consideration.

Additional Information and Notes


Transportation costs are NOT included in the estimate of expenses, since transportation methods vary so greatly. Transportation in Athens includes walking and bicycling on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway the Campus Area Transit Service (CATS), the Athens City Public Transitairport shuttle service, private car, taxi, and/or sharing rides with friends.

Additional Expenses (not included in the table of expenses above)

  • Technology fee: Charged by your academic college.
  • Winter clothing: $1,000-$1,500.
  • Minor medical supplies: $150.
  • Winter break vacation allowance (4 weeks between December and January): $1,000
  • Car expenses: Not included in the table of expenses above.
  • Initial arrival costs: At least $2,000 for housing deposits, utility fees, and phone.

Dependent Expenses

If you are planning on bringing any dependents with you to Ohio University, additional funds must be shown to issue a dependent I-20/DS2019. The expenses listed below are estimates and are subject to change without notice.

  Fall/Spring start  Summer start
Spouse Living Expenses   $3000       $3000
Children Living Expenses  $1500     $1500    
Spouse Insurance $2005    $2825    
One Child Insurance * $2005       $2825      
Two or More Children Insurance $4010    $5650 

*(If no spouse, the first child living expenses would be $3000)

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