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Change of Application or Admission Term

Your application is valid for the program and the term for which it was submitted. Likewise, an admission offer is good for the term of admission. If you want to change your application term before an admission decision has been made, or if you need to change an admission term after an offer of admission, you must submit a new application form.

Please note, you cannot request a change of term for an application that has been denied. You must submit a new application.

Steps for Changing your Application or Admission Term

1. Notify the Graduate College about your change of term plans. 

  • Send an e-mail to the Graduate College at graduate@ohio.edu, with the subject line "Change of Term."
  • In the body, include your name (as it appears on your application) and your OHIO PID number (found on your application acknowledgement letter).

2. Submit an application for the new term.

Resubmitting an Application

Once you have created a new application, review your information carefully and add/update any information which needs changed, corrected, or added. Do not change the birth date or social security number (if applicable). If there are changes to either of these fields from your original application, contact the Graduate College before resubmitting your application.

Select your application program and application term from the available terms. Not all programs admit every term. 

Be sure that your educational history is correct. You must list all institutions you previously attended or are currently attending, even if you did not or will not earn a degree. If you have not already submitted transcripts, you can upload copies of official transcripts to this application.

Application Materials

The Graduate College will transfer the application materials you provided to your new application, as long as you have reapplied within a calendar year. If it has been longer than one year, you will need to upload new materials.

You will be able to monitor your new application’s status through the application portal. Please allow a minimum of seven business days after submitting your application or supplemental materials for processing.

Online Letters of Recommendation

  • If you do not want to request new letters of recommendation, select "To be mailed by recommender" as the format.
  • Enter the recommender names when prompted.
  • If you want to request new recommendations, follow the instructions on the recommendation page.

Processing Fee

Item Cost
Changing application or admission term within same program $10
Changing delivery of program (online to campus, or campus to online) $10
Changing program and/or degree $25

Application Deadlines

Review the program's website to confirm deadlines. If the program does not indicate a specific deadline, follow the Graduate College application deadlines for the status (degree, non-degree) to which you are reapplying.