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Original Work Grant and Travel Award Recipients

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The Original Work Grant (OWG) supports research and creative work. It is intended to fund direct, project-related expenses such as travel, lodging, materials, and equipment related to research.

The Travel Award (TA) supports travel to present original work, including research and creative works. The Travel Award is intended to enhance graduate education through participation in seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Click the sections below for recipient lists for each award per term for this academic year.

2021 Fall Original Work Grant (OWG) Recipients

Name Degree Program Title of Proposal
Deependra Budhathoki Mathematics Education Formative Assessment in Entry-Level Undergraduate Quantitative Reasoning
Remington Burwell Plant Biology Field investigations to complete integrative taxonomic studies of the Affinis and Edulis groups of Viola
Roseanna Crowell Plant Biology Phylogeography of the freshwater red alga Batrachospermum gelatinosum (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) in eastern North America
Madeline Deshazer Clinical Psychology  Understanding Factors that Moderate the Relationship Between Student ADHD Behaviors and Teacher Stress
Nichole Mazzone Environmental Studies The Effects of Subtrate on Treatment Efficiency of Vertical Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands in Cold Climate
Hattie Phillips Printmaking Artificial Recollection: Deconstructing Memory
Akshayaa Venkataraghavan Plant Biology Elucidating the glucuronidation mechanism of heteroxylan in monocots
Brian Waldron Biological Sciences How did woodland salamanders respond to ancient climate change?  Post-glacial expansion of the Eastern Red-backed Salamander
Emily Watts Biological Sciences The effects of gene flow on range limit evolution in the Cumberland Plateau salamander, Plethodon kentucki

2021 Fall Travel Award Recipients

Name Degree Program
Richa Bhatia Counselor Education
Madison Burris Physical Therapy
Chiderah Jessica Chukwuka Chemical Engineering
Kubra Civan Counselor Education
Roseanna Crowell Plant Biology
Marissa Dyck Biological Sciences
Andrew Fernandez Sculpture
James Kelly COMS - Health Communication
Md Nazimuddin Chemistry
Sarah Newkirk Physical Therapy
Babatunde Ibrahim Ojoawo Chemical Engineering
Hattie Phillips Printmaking
Abigail Schneider Printmaking
Xiaorui Sun Instructional Technology
Matthew Vince Chemistry
Taylor Wester Physical Therapy 

2022 Spring Original Work Grant (OWG) Recipients

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2022 Spring Travel Awards Recipients

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2022 Summer Travel Awards Recipients

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