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Web Publisher Agreement

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This form must be submitted by the individual requesting web publisher access in our Drupal content management system. You must acknowledge and agree to follow the established standards.

OHIO Affiliation
Provide your main site URL or the main website name. For example, Business or Dept of Chemistry. If you will be publishing in multiple sites, please list them all.
You should obtain permission from the primary site manager before requesting access to publish live. You can find the list of Primary Site Managers at


Content Review

Content ready for publishing will be reviewed and edited for accuracy, consistency, grammar, punctuation, and professional presentation.

Identity Standards

Web identity standards and guidelines as outlined in the Ohio University Brand Guidelines will be followed, including the use of branded CMS templates. The branded template options facilitate web development by ensuring consistent, simplified navigation, providing instant identification as an OHIO website (with the correct use of the Ohio University logo), enhancing search capabilities across all University sites, and establishing standard footers with required links and legal elements.

Accessibility Standards

To the best of my ability, this site and its contents (including attached documents, videos, and other media) follow accessibility standards as outlined in UCM training and instructions that align with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. These standards are part of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), a working group of World Wide Web Consortium. Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act outlines many of these requirements, and Publishers should be familiar with them. Many requirements, including heading styles, ALT tags for image description, and color contrast for color-blindness, are already built into the OHIO CMS templates

Agreement Confirmation